transcribe in

transcribe (something) in (something)

1. To make a written or typed copy of some source, especially an audio source, in a particular language. I found it easier to transcribe the interview in English first and then translate the written words into Japanese. I still have to write in my native language first, before I can transcribe the lines in English.
2. To translate or transliterate some piece of writing into a different language. I was hired to transcribe the company's technical documents in Russian. For the first activity, I want you to transcribe the romaji in hiragana and katakana.
3. To create a transcription of speech sounds using written phonetic symbols or representations. The hardest part of writing the grammar guide was transcribing all of the pronunciations in the International Phonetic Alphabet. The trouble with transcribing the pronunciation of words in Roman characters is that they can create confusion due to having their own context-sensitive pronunciations.
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transcribe something in something

1. to transliterate one alphabet into another. Can you translate these roman-ized Korean words into the Korean script? We had to transcribe the entire novel into Cyrillic.
2. to represent speech sounds in a phonetic transcription. The editor wanted the pronunciation transcribed in dictionary-style phonetics. It is much easier to transcribe the material in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
3. to write something down in something. Please transcribe this list of names in your notebook. I can't read what is transcribed in my book.
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