transcribe from

transcribe (something) from (something)

1. To make a written or typed copy of some material taken from another source. We've transcribed a rough outline of the novel from the various notes left in the author's desk. The politician's final words were transcribed from an interview recorded from her hospital bed. He has a natural genius for music. He can listen to a tune, and then transcribe it perfectly from memory.
2. To transfer some kind of information from a different computer storage system (to another). We are in the process of transcribing the company's entire archive from old floppy disks to newer, more reliable optical disks. Thankfully, the contents of the computer had been transcribed to an external hard drive shortly before the fire broke out.
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transcribe something from someone or something

to write something down from an audible source. We transcribed the folktales from authentic storytellers. I transcribed the tale from an old phonograph recording.
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8 includes features that let you store voice profiles on a central server and transcribe from digital recorders or any handheld device that supports the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system.