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transcribe something from someone or something

to write something down from an audible source. We transcribed the folktales from authentic storytellers. I transcribed the tale from an old phonograph recording.
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transcribe something in something

1. to transliterate one alphabet into another. Can you translate these roman-ized Korean words into the Korean script? We had to transcribe the entire novel into Cyrillic.
2. to represent speech sounds in a phonetic transcription. The editor wanted the pronunciation transcribed in dictionary-style phonetics. It is much easier to transcribe the material in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
3. to write something down in something. Please transcribe this list of names in your notebook. I can't read what is transcribed in my book.
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More than 90% (n = 91) reported that they often or sometimes used the Perkins braillewriter to transcribe materials.
Like transcribers, braillists transcribe information from a print source into a braille version.
In the interim, the respiratory nurses' section, in consultation with the Asthma Society, has developed some practical solutions to enable nurses to continue to provide self-management plans, while remaining within NZNO's recommendation not to transcribe.
There are a number of risks associated with the practice that can leave the nurse who transcribes at risk of breaching Right 4(2) of the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.
Sometimes when school personnel, such as aides and paraeducators, are initially assigned to transcribe materials, teachers of students with visual impairments, who may or may not also be certified by the Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), are assigned to train them (Allman & Lewis, 1996; Curry & Hatlen, 1989).
Many Dragon customers already use digital voice recorders to capture their thoughts on the go, and then transcribe these dictations using Dragon speech recognition.
Designed to provide users with enhanced mobile communications flexibility, Nuance's Voicemail-to-Text service transcribes incoming voicemails into SMS text messages.
The new "visual voicemail" service automatically transcribes voice messages to text and delivers them via e-mail.
When the body needs a gene to be turned on, or perform a function, the body transcribes the DNA into RNA and splices out the so-called "junk" DNA to form a mature messenger RNA.
She transcribes children's books into braille at the office two days a week, along with binding the books and repairing damaged ones.
DNA routinely transcribes mRNA molecules to shuttle its message to the cell's protein-synthesis machinery, which translates the message into proteins.
Deputy District Attorney Robert Cohen said Nagamine, who has worked for the district attorney for the past 10 years, not only supervises 16 clerical workers, but also prepares charts for trial deputies and transcribes last-minute audio tapes - all while handling her secretarial duties.
To make a protein, a cell transcribes segments of its DNA into messenger RNA (mRNA), which carries the code to protein-assembling organelles called ribosomes.
Idictate is a 24/7 dictation service that transcribes spoken words into written words (www.
shown in SEQ ID NO: 1, which disease gene transcribes an mRNA encoding the cDNA of which the