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transcribe something from someone or something

to write something down from an audible source. We transcribed the folktales from authentic storytellers. I transcribed the tale from an old phonograph recording.
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transcribe something in something

1. to transliterate one alphabet into another. Can you translate these roman-ized Korean words into the Korean script? We had to transcribe the entire novel into Cyrillic.
2. to represent speech sounds in a phonetic transcription. The editor wanted the pronunciation transcribed in dictionary-style phonetics. It is much easier to transcribe the material in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
3. to write something down in something. Please transcribe this list of names in your notebook. I can't read what is transcribed in my book.
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How do those who transcribe materials rate their own accuracy?
Only those personnel who were employed to transcribe print into braille during the 2005-2006 academic year by an independent school district, a regional service center, or the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired were included.
The last section asked them to rate their perceptions of the quality of the materials that they transcribe at their schools.
The survey also collected data about the professional background, including training and certification level, of persons who transcribe instructional materials into braille.
Another question asked the respondents to evaluate how well their training had prepared them to transcribe braille.
More than 90% (n = 91) reported that they often or sometimes used the Perkins braillewriter to transcribe materials.
Like transcribers, braillists transcribe information from a print source into a braille version.
As was found in studies from other states (Correa-Torres & Howell, 2004; Leigh & Barclay, 2000), this finding illustrates that teachers of students with visual impairments often transcribe instructional materials that their students need.
DNA routinely transcribes mRNA molecules to shuttle its message to the cell's protein-synthesis machinery, which translates the message into proteins.
When DNA transcribes mRNA, the sequence of bases in the DNA leads to a complementary sequence in the mRNA.
To make a protein, a cell transcribes segments of its DNA into messenger RNA (mRNA), which carries the code to protein-assembling organelles called ribosomes.