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trample someone or something down

to crush down someone or something with the feet. Stay out of crowds at rock concerts. Those kids will trample you down if they get excited. The cows trampled down the stalks of corn.
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trample someone or something to something

to stomp or crush someone or something underfoot to the point of death or destruction. The elephant trampled the photographer to death. All the joggers trampled the grass to a muddy mess.
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trample something out

to create a pathway by marching or stamping the same trail over and over. The mail carriers have trampled a path out through my marigolds! Jim trampled out a path in my garden.
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trample (up)on someone or something

to crush someone or something underfoot. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Please don't trample upon the flowers! The bulls running through the streets trampled on some of the bystanders.
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trample on

1. To tread heavily or destructively on something: The children trampled on the flowers.
2. To inflict injury on something as if by treading heavily: Why do you trample on the feelings of those around you?
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The junior doctor was trampled in October when her horse was spooked by a noise.
One of the elephants charged and trampled him to death," Laikipia County police boss Simon Kipkeu said.
Mike said he thought he was going to die when he was trampled while the couple walked along a public footpath.
Friend Michael Kington, said yesterday: "He got kicked or knocked over, and then trampled.
Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Roknabadi, who was trampled in Saudi Arabia during the September 24 hajj stampede, died of the heat, thirst and lack of adequate medical treatment, Deputy Foreign Minister Hossain Amir-Abdollahian said last week.
During a walk through War Memorial Park on Monday evening we were disappointed to see how the new meadow areas have been badly trampled - and on the same day that the park and 'ower meadows had been a centre of memorial ceremonies as featured in your article.
Summary: Three days after rebels and the Syrian army agreed a truce at Babila near Damascus, jihadists said they rejected the deal and hauled down and trampled on Syria's flag Thursday.
Summary: A British bird-watcher was trampled to death by an elephant near a southern Indian tiger .
Bangalore September 09, 2013 -A 12-year-old boy was trampled to death by an elephant in India after he and other boys provoked the animal, police say.
A 75-year-old woman was trampled to death in the south-eastern plains of Sarlahi district when a herd of wild elephants entered human settlements in the middle of the night Thursday, the reports said.
THE family of a Northumberland cattle breeder who died after being trampled by a cow have paid tribute to him.
Washington, July 25 (ANI): Olivia Wilde has revealed that she was saved from being trampled to death, during the filming of a horse stampede scene for 'Cowboys and Aliens' by her co-star Walton Goggins.
At a time when the buzz is about 33 per cent reservation in Parliament, women -- both young and old -- are making a beeline for a village in Karnataka to get trampled upon by men.
Addressing a group of Iranians residing in Tajikistan, he said Tehran will not give up its legitimate rights but will also demand for its previous rights that have already been trampled upon.
A WOMAN walking her dog was trampled to death by cows after straying off a country path, an inquest has heard.