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trample someone or something down

to crush down someone or something with the feet. Stay out of crowds at rock concerts. Those kids will trample you down if they get excited. The cows trampled down the stalks of corn.
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trample someone or something to something

to stomp or crush someone or something underfoot to the point of death or destruction. The elephant trampled the photographer to death. All the joggers trampled the grass to a muddy mess.
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trample something out

to create a pathway by marching or stamping the same trail over and over. The mail carriers have trampled a path out through my marigolds! Jim trampled out a path in my garden.
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trample (up)on someone or something

to crush someone or something underfoot. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Please don't trample upon the flowers! The bulls running through the streets trampled on some of the bystanders.
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trample on

1. To tread heavily or destructively on something: The children trampled on the flowers.
2. To inflict injury on something as if by treading heavily: Why do you trample on the feelings of those around you?
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References in classic literature ?
You know how to trample on a poor fellows too,' he said.
One doesn't necessarily trample upon people's bodies because one runs an office," Mary remarked.
With that advantage, Sophronia flattered her and rallied her more successfully, and then the insinuating Alfred flattered her and rallied her, and promised that at any moment when she might require that service at his hands, he would take young Fledgeby out and trample on him.
Trample on those recognitions, trample on them under your feet.
She sustained head and chest injuries, a suspected broken jaw and several broken ribs after the horse appeared to trample on her.
The Warriors will trample the Tigerish tail And crush them - defeat them - to victory we'll sail
His overriding defense is to suggest that one should be impatient when governmental institutions fail; one should push and strain and trample on others if it's necessary to get those institutions working again; one shouldn't be overly respectful of bureaucratic turf boundaries if they're standing in the way of getting things done.
Is he unaware that there are protest activities going on in many parts of our world against companies that, with the collusion of corrupt governments, trample on the rights of ordinary citizens by, for example, polluting their rivers and their lands?
Economics As A Symptom Of Sadism rages at the excesses of capitalism that trample over those who cannot meet constantly shifting demands, but neither is it a pro-communism or pro-socialism book; instead, the author lays out his own prospective remedies to the severe and seemingly unjust imbalances, such as capping maximum salaries at a very comfortable level, and giving professors at universities less than their current level of absolute power over students--power that ensures those pursuing higher education are much less likely to buck the status quo, for fear of being shot down from their dreams by an irate teacher.
Similarly, Dobson and his supporters will be remembered as religious extremists so eager to merge church and state that they were willing to trample on basic constitutional protections to do it.
This can spell trouble as people trample delicate plants hi these bustling ecosystem (organisms and their surroundings), says Tony Rango, of the Sierra Club.
Begin by destroying a part of the web because of human presence; for example, some hikers camp in a pristine spot but do not take care and trample all the green plants in the area.
is on the trail of the crafty wildlife that trample backyards, feast on gardens, and raid birdfeeders.
The explosion of TWA Flight 800 has just given Clinton another excuse to trample on our rights.