tramp across

tramp across something

to march or stamp across an area. The kids tramped across the yard and wore a path. Please don't tramp across my garden.
See also: across, tramp
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Every year, to coincide with the programme, the Astronomical Society opens its observatory at Crosland Moor and, even when clouds or rain obscure the sKies, visitors tramp across a muddy field to see the 16-inch telescope and learn more about the society and its activities.
Of course, however much you tramp across the landscape, you'll want somewhere cosy to head back to.
Then, as the survivors tramp across the wasteland, the excitement begins to diminish, with too many flashbacks and religious chatter suggesting this is a B-movie with ideas above its station.
These dedicated people would tramp across rough country just to glimpse a Peregrine falcon, a species most birdwatchers can now commonly see on a day out in the county.
And though some visitors continue to tramp across the field to see the tree, most are content to explore the house itself.
That experience is fully recorded in A Tramp Across the Continent (1892), a misleading title for sure, but it does project one of Lummis's personal failings-he was given to exaggeration.
If Leeds are to qualify for the Champions League again, and renew their entertaining tramp across the reputation of some of Europe's leading clubs, they must win tomorrow's Premiership game at home to Bradford.
BUCKETING DOWN: Rosmuc residents, Mairin Burke, top, Mary Nee and Colm O Gaora tramp across fields in all sorts of weather to fetch their water from local wells, lakes and pumps
But the thought of seeing her tramp across the countryside on a geese shoot will have me reaching for my remote control.
They strap on skis and snowshoes to tramp across high mountains and measure the snow at 300 locations along the spine of the Sierra.
In the bitter cold and deep snow of winter she is there smiling as an army of welly boots tramp across the road.
Just to get to the project site, the workers, who are mainly volunteers, have to climb over fences, tramp across fields and fight through undergrowth - carrying all their equipment, tools and materials with them.
A male and female detective chat about the price of fashion boots as they tramp across a desolate landfill site towards an unmarked yellow van.
It does not mean we can all maraud through fields full of newborn lambs, tramp across vast swathes of crops or set up camp by night on the front lawn of our nearest farmer.