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saddle tramp

1. slang A cowboy, particularly one who lives a nomadic lifestyle. Primarily heard in US. You can't trust him—he's just a saddle tramp who roams from town to town!
2. slang One who rides on horseback. Primarily heard in US. A: "I hear hoofbeats." B: "Yes, there's a saddle tramp approaching in the distance."
See also: saddle, tramp

tramp across something

to march or stamp across an area. The kids tramped across the yard and wore a path. Please don't tramp across my garden.
See also: across, tramp

tramp through something

to march or stamp a passage through something. The kids tramped through every puddle in town on their way to school. Don't tramp through every mud puddle you see.
See also: through, tramp
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Lady and the Tramp will be available for streaming on November 12.
A terrier named Monte will be portraying Tramp in the flick and his voice will be provided byJustin Theroux(Mullholland Drive).
While many of his peers fell by the wayside, killed off by Grunge, Tramp adapted with Freak Of Nature, an altogether heavier, more intense project before moving into more mature, reflective singer-songwriter territory.
After being abandoned by the family, Lady meets a stray dog, the Tramp and falls in love.
I doubt if offered Jenner would take the position; she's overqualified, and I can surmise that her politics don't align with this administration as her daughter, Kim, has been openly critical of the Tramp. But would she do an excellent job as communications director?
The trial heard McNamara, a member of the Caballeros motorcycle club, was assaulted at a pub in Doon in Limerick by members of the Road Tramps the day before the shooting.
Since the magnetic properties of a material are completely independent of conductivity, both magnetic and nonmagnetic tramp metals are consistently detected.
Hemizygous TRAMP males manifest progressive prostate tumors that begin as early prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) and can progress to differentiated adenocarcinoma.
In the original, happy-golucky mongrel Tramp takes his sweethound Lady - a pampered cocker spaniel - out for a romanatic Italian meal.
With new album Nomad closing a trilogy of albums released over a three-year period marking Tramp's musical journey from hard rocker to mature singer songwriter, a journey that has been a long, sometimes painful, sometimes thrilling trip from his roots as a teenager from Denmark who left home to seek fame and fortune in America.
LADY AND THE TRAMP Sunday, C5 5.30PM There'll be no more romantic scene this Valentine weekend than coquettish spaniel Lady sharing a bowl of bistro spaghetti with local scamp Tramp.
THIS YEAR MARKS the 100th anniversary of cinema's most iconic figure first gracing the silver screen--Charlie Chaplin's "The Tramp," or as the comedian called him, "The Little Fellow." The movie was a split reel (approximately six minutes long) called "Kid Auto Races at Venice" (1914), also known as "The Pest." Though the pants would get baggier and the shoes larger for those "east west feet" (a phrase coined by poet and early film critic Carl Sandburg), the Tramp was born.
Romedy NOW brings the antics of The Little Tramp in a month long Chaplin Series titled 'Jolly Good Chaplin' for a daily dose of nostalgic laughter every Monday through Thursday.
Created by Chaplin, who served as producer, director, screenwriter, actor and composer, the film simultaneously depicts Chapin's Tramp as an innocent pre-adult, documents its then "modern times" as a time of material progress reflected in the money that its urban citizens enjoyed in the midst of the Great Depression, and is infused with a nostalgia for a pre-industrial, rural state in which the movies played no part.
Scores turned out for a mass public breastfeeding event in support of the Staffordshire mother labelled a "tramp".