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saddle tramp

1. slang A cowboy, particularly one who lives a nomadic lifestyle. Primarily heard in US. You can't trust him—he's just a saddle tramp who roams from town to town!
2. slang One who rides on horseback. Primarily heard in US. A: "I hear hoofbeats." B: "Yes, there's a saddle tramp approaching in the distance."
See also: saddle, tramp

tramp across something

to march or stamp across an area. The kids tramped across the yard and wore a path. Please don't tramp across my garden.
See also: across, tramp

tramp through something

to march or stamp a passage through something. The kids tramped through every puddle in town on their way to school. Don't tramp through every mud puddle you see.
See also: through, tramp
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It may seem like Tramp is an obsequious admirer of Vladimir Putin, but this veneer of civility and respect is all subterfuge.
McNamara claimed three Road Tramps later pulled up to his house in a car and, in front of his wife and children, threatened to kill him and burn down his home.
Since the magnetic properties of a material are completely independent of conductivity, both magnetic and nonmagnetic tramp metals are consistently detected.
Hemizygous TRAMP males manifest progressive prostate tumors that begin as early prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) and can progress to differentiated adenocarcinoma.
He may have sold shed loads of records and headlined arenas in the 80s with White Lion before casting off the spandex and big hair for the more grunge infused Freak of Nature in the 90s but Tramp is clearly far more comfortable in his skin as just Mike Tramp.
The first Tramp pictures feature what his generation would have called a "rounder," a tough fun-loving hooligan out for himself.
From a tramp to a war hero, Charlie makes it to the boot camp in ShoulderArms where he "surrounds" and captures 13 Germans alone and pretends to be a tree trunk and goes behind the enemy lines
In contrast to the movie's famous closing scene that focuses on the most personal of moments, the celebrated close-up of the Tramp's pained face, the movie opens with an introduction to the Tramp in the context of a public ceremony, namely the moneyed citizens' dedication of a city monument pompously titled "Peace and Prosperity.
DVD: 101 Dalmatians * 101 Dalmatians 2 * Aladdin * Alice in Wonderland * Cars * Cars2 * Dumbo * Fantasia * Finding Nemo * Hunchback of Notre Dame * Lady and the Tramp * Lady and the Tramp 2 * Lilo and Stitch * Mary Poppins * Monsters Inc.
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It would be the tramp from the Brickyard coming for his cup of tea.
Regal Tramp runs off a mark of 70 in the finale (7.
Who sang He's A Tramp in the Disney film Lady And The Tramp?
Design features of the company's magnetic cross-belt conveyor product line include structural enhancements, an improved magnetic deep-reach circuit, and tramp metal deflector shields that increase the protection of the belt.