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traipse around (some place)

to walk or travel around some place. I spent all afternoon traipsing around town looking for just the right gift for Roger. She has been traipsing around all day.
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traipse over

 and traipse in
to go or arrive carelessly or thoughtlessly. He traipsed over and invited himself in. She came traipsing in at about midnight.
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Venable spent seven years traipsing 400 acres, mapping out a community where he could build houses, but in a way that wouldn't displace the animals that lived there first.
These days choreographer Jess Curtis lives in Berlin, when he's not traipsing around the French countryside with Cahin-Caha, the French nouveau circus that packed them in for four solid weeks in San Francisco last year.
And while the owners are tiring themselves out traipsing up and down the aisles, the dogs will be taking it easy and be provided with what Tesco describes as "doggy entertainment" and free dinner courtesy of Bakers Complete.
After traipsing through an exhibit hail during a conference or trade show, business people often find themselves weighed down by such corporate lagniappes as hats, balls, and dolls.
Association executives tired of team-building exercises that have them traipsing through forest and fauna or tiptoeing across hot coals may welcome the latest trend to hit the training market: comedic improvisation.
When Saturday comes, there is nothing they would rather do then spend the day traipsing from store to store and coming back with bags full to bursting of their purchases.
With his 1995 movie The Suburbanators, director Gary Burns framed the exploits of a group of young Alberta males as they whiled away their day in time-honoured fashion: getting their hair cut, making runs to the beer store, meeting girls, trying to score dope, traipsing through shopping malls, visiting video arcades and hiding from the cops in dumpsters.
In the swirl of lobbying building up to the vote, some mining company wizards sent their female employees traipsing through Washington in an unlikely grouping called Women for Mining (or something like that) to argue that mining provides females with wonderful non-traditional economic opportunities.
Today's bride is typically working or going to school and the last thing she has time for is traipsing all over town finding the best people to work with," says Sarah Waffle, Creative Director of the new site WeddingGopher.
Following on from the letters about wartime rationing, I can remember traipsing all over the place with other kids trying to find a sweet shop where we could spend our halfpennies and pennies.
WHILE spending three hours traipsing around Hamburg, dodging lightning rods in a torrential storm, trying to find the city's non-existent taxi supply in the early hours of last Sunday, my phone sustaining terminal water damage in the process, I found myself thinking: "How glad I am that David Haye's brash fighting talk convinced the national media and the general public that he was up for an epic heavyweight title fight with Wladimir Klitschko and that we really ought to come here to Germany so we could write home about it - and yet what a pity it was that poor Haye had to go and break his little tootsie.
Clean SWeep Fed up with traipsing up and down the stairs clearing things away into bedrooms?
She's traipsing around in her underwear, or is that for the love of the music, too?
If we did I'd be traipsing around in my massive heels