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traipse around (some place)

to walk or travel around some place. I spent all afternoon traipsing around town looking for just the right gift for Roger. She has been traipsing around all day.
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traipse over

 and traipse in
to go or arrive carelessly or thoughtlessly. He traipsed over and invited himself in. She came traipsing in at about midnight.
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WITH it being half-term we took the kids to Paris for a couple of days and traipsed along the tourist trails.
The poor pedigree chums at Crufts are the canine equivalent of those dolled-up kiddies who're traipsed around those boakmaking beauty pageants by their demented mothers.
NORTHERN words that have made it into the Collins English Dictionary will help you translate the following sentence.It's really quit enimps: ``Feeling powfagged, I traipsed down a dowlyennog and lit a bifter held between my finger and bally .Staring at my ockodols , a dummelhead suddenly yoked at me.
From the moment a troop of more than 20 scruffy, malnourished orphans traipsed onto the stage I knew we were in for a good night.
"As I traipsed through mud and past the Porta Pottis in 1989, I knew I wanted something a little more upscale for my $30," says Sachs.
Instead, three magistrates traipsed down to the cells - along with the court usher and clerk - to slap an Anti Social Behaviour Order on the jobless pest.
It took the fizz out of the small band of SSP supporters who traipsed off to find another pub.
At the same time as the moving tribute, Mayo's fans traipsed leaden-footed out of Croke Park after watching their team collapse to a 4-15 to 3-05 defeat.
Claudia, 35, opted for a brighter multi-coloured look as she traipsed up and down the aisles.
A GARDENER who kept his front lawn immaculate shot dead a teenage neighbour who traipsed over it.
Around 6,000 members of the Green Army flew out on charter flights from Dublin, while thousands more have traipsed around Europe to be there.