traipse around

traipse around (some place)

to walk or travel around some place. I spent all afternoon traipsing around town looking for just the right gift for Roger. She has been traipsing around all day.
See also: around, traipse
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FANCY getting someone else to traipse around the shops for you whilst you sit and have a beer?
What we need are projects jobs and taxes to build and Bryan How can Carwyn traipse around the world trying to persuade investors that Wales is a good place to invest in with the Circuit of Wales saga hanging like the sword of Damocles over his head?
Visiting the authorities, a trip to the shops, off to a language course: refugees have to traipse around a fair bit, which can be hard going on foot, and a bicycle makes life a lot easier.
Just a shame it's so expensive as I would take my daughter regularly if it were a bit more reasonable Lisa Marie Ward I think there's more interesting stuff in Coventry if you're willing to traipse around a bit and unearth it Martin Nike
35am) Ed Gaughan and Andrew Buckley traipse around the Peak District, burdened by their ramshackle psychic gifts.
Fortunately for you, we're making it easier to get involved in all the fun this holiday without having to traipse around the high-street looking for the perfect Christmas jumper.
Named Margo, this old girl can traipse around like a two-legged, high-stepping heifer until it's time to start doing a little face stomping on the front lines of the human/robot wars.
With that in mind we recommend that anyone attending get online and book their places to stay well in advance of arriving to avoid having to traipse around the city looking for a value for money hotel with the right facilities and so on.
Helmed by ex-economist and lensman Norbert Heyl, this artistic traipse around the labyrinthine city will lead you to perches with the best views of canals, monuments and vistas.
Despite the constant flow of traffic from the main road beside Stonehenge, and "the huge number of visitors who traipse around the perimeter on a daily basis (the monument) still manages to be a mystical, ethereal place".
With friends you either have to traipse around lots of shops that you're not really interested in, or you have to leave your favourite shop before you've finished looking because the others are getting bored.
Who wants to traipse around 14 shops every week, paying over the odds and waiting to be served at every one when there are so many more interesting things to do?
Birthday nights out always end up disastrous so I thought it would be nice to bring everyone together in one place for drinks rather than traipse around town.
Nowhe's a respected elder statesman and world-weary traveller who's taken on the genteel mantle of the likes of Alan Whicker and Michael Palin to traipse around the globe in search of amazing places and people.
The bad news is stalwart Stephen Tompkinson's vacuous vet Danny Trevanion continues to traipse around the bush with no discernible source of income.