traipse around

traipse around (some place)

to walk or travel around some place. I spent all afternoon traipsing around town looking for just the right gift for Roger. She has been traipsing around all day.
See also: around, traipse
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You no longer have to traipse around the hospital wearing that thick, heavy white coat and I was relieved because I do find hospitals one of the hottest places on Earth.
IF you want to check the best deals in town but, like me, can't be bothered to traipse around the aisles, Tesco has the answer.
It seems Michael - who is jetting out to Prague today to see Lily - will have to traipse around after Kate in order to see his little girl.
These are exercise machines - essentially optimistic bits of kit designed to make you fit and strong so you can traipse around in the wilderness, sniffing flowers and sucking up great lungfuls of healthy, clean air.
NEW homes enthusiasts need not traipse around builders' developments this weekend because they're gathering all in one place.
The grim skies mean you traipse around zoos and theme parks which bore (and rip) the testicles off you, or into pedestrianised town centres where other pac-a-mac clad families stare at the same shop windows they have back home, forcing you to seek succour and shelter in empty pubs bearing signs: "Children must go outside unless eating." When the clouds threaten to clear (but don't) you hit what used to be a beach but is now a training camp for surfers.
We can traipse around the shops buying the presents and spend hours by the fire writing the Christmas cards but it's in the finishing touches that we feel most festive.
``But my wife and I used to traipse around all the shops collecting money and concentrating on the organisation.
"I am constantly looking at players and I will traipse around Europe to try to bring in people.
A multitude of things rev up male shoppers' stress levels ( including dawdlers that get in their way (86%), having to traipse around the shops carrying heavy bags (90%), rude shoppers or discourteous shop assistants (83%), other peoples' screaming children (76%) and queue jumpers (74%).
Their figures include people who aren't spin doctors at all, but people who busy themselves drawing up government leaflets or traipse around farmyards making sure people know about avian flu regulations.
``Rather than traipse around to each box office, customers will be able to buy all their tickets at one venue.
THE last thing I want to do after work is traipse around a supermarket feeling tired and totally uninspired.
But at a briefing Mr Goran Matic, Minister without Portfolio, claimed the refugees were paid to traipse around in a vast circle beginning and ending in Kosovo.
Kate's not a massive shopper, which means I don't have to traipse around on my days off.