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traipse around (some place)

to walk or travel around some place. I spent all afternoon traipsing around town looking for just the right gift for Roger. She has been traipsing around all day.
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traipse over

 and traipse in
to go or arrive carelessly or thoughtlessly. He traipsed over and invited himself in. She came traipsing in at about midnight.
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because it means he doesn't have to traipse half way around the world for the African Nations Cup.
News vans continue to roam the island, and I traipse from hotel to hotel, a pen clutched in my fist.
I realise, of course, I've cursed myself saying that and I will now have to traipse down to the end of the lane to fish my letters out of a stream from here on in.
The kind of men who traipse about the shops helping their partner to choose blouses, when an important sporting event is on - disgraceful.
Also it was much more convenient having the whole wedding in one place rather than having to traipse from a church to the reception.
Hopefully, the houses won't be laid out like Ikea stores, where, no matter what you want to buy, you have to traipse past every single item of furniture they sell before you can get to a checkout.
He said: "It is ludicrous that we are expanding Heathrow when so many tourists and businessmen from the north have to traipse to London before setting off on longer journeys.
Because if I catch another glimpse of that gormless gimp plastered in Puma logos, laughing like a drain at 'hilarious' blunders, I'll probably have to traipse out on Boxing Day, buy the coals and set myself on fire.
Since it would be churlish to ask a side to traipse up the Wembley steps for a handshake, how about giving them a shield or a salver?