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They are well-known as solid family dogs that can coexist well with children and other pets, and they are highly trainable. But you've got to have goals and a realistic training schedule.
Among the latest in-service development in trainable launchers, Rheinmetall has unveiled at the Euronaval 2014 exhibition near Paris a new version of its market-leading Multi-Ammunition Soft-kill System (Mass) with an anti-torpedo capability, represented by up to four DCNS Canto decoys launchers.
The program can be combined with other reimbursable job training funds designed to encourage employers to hire both trainable and skilled workers, she said.
While considering different sites throughout the country, potential manufacturers aren't just looking at locations but are also interested in an educated, trainable and sustainable work force, said Joe Holmes, AEDC director of marketing and communications.
But I believe the empowered sales professional is being threatened by an up-and-coming group made up of young, eager, trainable computer users.
The findings indicate that people who are classified as 'long-term post-transplant' are trainable, a university press release states, and even can work up to vigorous exercise.
"Sue has not done any sheepdog training, but he does a lot of things and I imagine he would be trainable as a sheepdog," she said.
Louise Dawson, of SARA, said: "She is a really affectionate dog, very trainable and would give someone a great deal of pleasure.
Becky said: "Lira has a basic level of obedience, is very trainable, and would benefit from further training.
Company officials looked at 200 sites in a 21-state region before deciding to come to Jonesboro because of its land, available utilities, freight carriers, manufacturing base, strong schools and its trainable work force, he said.
Knowledge and skills are trainable, as long as the individual has the aptitude and interest in acquiring them.
More astonishing is that even those single-celled organisms that many of us tortured in junior high school, the paramecia, are trainable.
This futuristic replica of a real puppy is extremely life-like: trainable (responds to positive and negative reinforcement), able to learn tricks, crawl, sit down and stand up, run, and jump.
'He's bright, lots of fun and loves his food, which means he's very trainable because he'll do anything for a treat.
Is resiliency something that is learnable or trainable? Is there a critical period for the development of resilience?