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However, research shows that the trainability of speed during adolescence is similar to that during pre-adolescence.
Kramer: We recommend an operator training program that first includes some type of pre-screening test for trainability.
This demonstrates his trainability and is a great way to exercise him.
One of the biggest differences between mules and horses in trainability is the fact that it takes less than a day of practice for a mule to perform a given task and remember it for years.
Like the killer whale, pilot whales belong to the dolphin family and display dolphin like intelligence and trainability.
Since 2008, with severe competition for jobs in the United States, the CRC has gained support among employers and job seekers as an efficient, inexpensive and reliable credential that quickly certifies trainability and employability.
A variety of animals are used in AAIs (dogs, cats, rabbits, aquatic life, birds, and horses), however dogs tend to be the most frequently used animal due to their domestication, accessibility and trainability and as such interventions can be referred to as canine-assisted interventions (CAIs).
However, neurophysiological mechanism underlying the improvement of the balance through proprioceptive training is still not well defined, and even clinicians are very careful about acknowledging the trainability of the proprioception (2).
In support to the concept of individualizing training based on growth and maturation, Mendez-Villanueva presented data on spontaneous periods of accelerated improvement in physical fitness in youth soccer players [Physical Fitness Trainability.
Several authors question the trainability of business ethics, values and professional conduct.
Our job was to utilize the trainability, intelligence, and extraordinary sonar capabilities of the porpoises to detect and nullify the swimmers.
The trainability of certain jobs relating to data entry or data processing would allow practically any employee with basic training to fulfil them.
Canines, with their pack instincts and trainability, are by far the most likely pet to be anthropomorphized as a family member, a best friend, or a "fur baby," treated accordingly with gourmet meals, designer apparel, orthopedic beds, expensive therapy, and catered birthday parties.