train up to

train up to (something)

1. To prepare physically or mentally in order to become ready for some event, task, activity, etc. I wanted to train up to running the New York City Marathon before I turned 40. The boxer always goes on a strict diet when she starts training up to her next fight.
2. To practice, study, or become skilled enough to reach some level or position. They want me to train up to a full accreditation before they'll hire me as a full-time accountant. My brother is training up to be a judge.
3. To engage in physical or mental exercises regularly for some amount or frequency. I'm generally training up to three days a week in order to get ready for the race. The professional cyclist trains up to 12 hours a day throughout the year.
4. To educate, coach, or mentor someone in order to do or become something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "train" and "up." We'd like to train you up to take over as our Chief Operating Officer. My parents began training me up to be a singer when I was only eight years old.
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train up to something

to practice or drill up to a certain level of proficiency. I don't have enough stamina for the marathon now, but I am training up to it. Alice trained up to the long-distance swim for years.
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