train in

train in (something)

1. To practice, study, or become skilled in some activity or field. I started training in ballet when I was only eight years old. She trained in medicine for two years before transitioning to chemical engineering.
2. To practice, study, or become skilled in some place or setting. He trained in Julliard, so he felt it was beneath him to act in a daytime soap opera. The famous virtuoso trained in Moscow and is now one of the foremost violinists in the world.
3. To educate, coach, or mentor someone in some activity, skill, or field. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "train" and "in." He reluctantly agreed to train the young man in the art of kung fu. They want to train me in account management. I'm training my daughter in the family business so she can take over for me when I retire.
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train someone in something

to drill and practice someone in a particular skill or body of knowledge. Her mentor trained her in the art of argumentation. I will try to train you in the skills needed to perform this task.
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