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trailer (park) trash

derogatory slur A poor, uneducated, and unsophisticated person who lives in or was raised in a trailer park. Just because I come from a caravan park doesn't make me trailer trash. I'm working on my PhD at Harvard, for goodness' sake! I don't want my daughter going out with trailer park trash like him!
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mod. trashy, as in trailer park trash. The guy’s a loser. Strictly trailer.

trailer park trash

and TPT
n. trailer park trash. My motor home cost more than your house, and you call me TPT?
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trailer trash

n. the poorest of people who live in run-down house trailers in bad neighborhoods. (Used with singular or plural force. Rude and derogatory.) She’s just trailer trash. Probably doesn’t even own shoes.
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ACE also offers free preparation guides including, Hurricanes and Severe Storms and Hurricane Preparation Tips for Boaters, which include detailed recommendations and tips for the owners of trailerable and non-trailerable boats to undertake prior, during and after a storm.
The GPSMAP 5215 will be an option on the Ranger Tugs 29 and John Livingston, President of Fluid Motion, points out, "This model has a 15-inch screen--that's a big screen for a 29-foot boat and is one of the ways we offer yacht-size features in a trailerable trawler.
The stage has been set for a great showdown in 2009 with both confirmed entrants to the 21st Airlie Beach Race Week, which will again host some of the best racing yachts from around the country including trailerable sports boats, which are expected to be one of the growing categories among the seven racing classes.
Dedicated to the hard-core enthusiast, Trailer Boats magazine is researched, written, edited and photographed to be the quintessential authority in trailerable boats, marine propulsion, accessory installations and use, maintenance and repair, tow vehicles, boat trailering, seamanship, watersports and cruising.
It's highly maneuverable, can spin within its own length, is trailerable, self launching and can be activated quickly whenever an oil spill is detected.
Oceanside Marina on Stock Island can also handle large trailerable boats and provides truck/trailer parking.
Traditionally, they have been defined as lightweight trailerable keelboats with retractable keels and deck mounted masts.
Hunter produces 24-foot through 50-foot keelboats in Alachua, Florida; it also produces advanced composite process trailerable day-sailors ranging from nine feet through 21 feet in East Lyme, Connecticut.
In Key West you will find a ramp at Oceanside Marina on Stock Island able to handle large trailerable boats.
Additionally, Delphia builds the Arvor brand that is recognised as an extremely well built trailerable boat here in Australia.
ACE offers a free "Hurricanes and Severe Storms" preparation guide, which includes detailed recommendations for the owners of trailerable and non-trailerable boats to undertake prior, during and after a storm.
What's even more compelling to many anglers--the main subject of this article--is to set up a trip on your own trailerable boat.
The ramp at Kings Pointe Marina on Stock Island will handle most any trailerable boat and has a truck/trailer storage lot for overnight stays.