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And as Ned's voice trailed off into a whisper, again came the cry, this time in frenzied pain.
I can see nothing more." His voice trailed off into a silence that lasted solidly for many minutes, like the long silence below when the theft had been committed.
"You have won her respect and--and--" But she could not say it and so she trailed off lamely-"and undying gratitude."
His voice trailed off. He was not a very intelligent young man, but even he could see that his was not a position where righteous indignation could be assumed with any solid chance of success.
The girl raged and battled with all the force of her youth and fulness of life, until by little and little her passionate exclamations trailed off into broken murmurs as if she were in pain.
For several minutes after An-Tak ceased speaking, his voice having trailed off weakly into silence, neither spoke again.
"Well we're about to discuss the Miley Cyrus [music] video, I'm so sorry, and i thought I'd better..." Susanna trailed off sheepishly.
"The prime minister trailed off, with a contemplative expression on his face, after which he called an unspecified number through his secure line.
Kay Susan Roces, ang kanyang anak na si Grace, ang susunod na ang susunod na Estrada trailed off while smiling.
Rumours of a recall of Parliament to debate bombing Syria was the news as Miliband's voice trailed off into a Manchester echo.
First five fixtures: Connacht (a), Ospreys (h), Glasgow (h), Treviso (h), Scarlets (a) What they did last year: After a promising start, they trailed off badly in the second half of the season to finish as the lowest-placed Welsh side down in ninth, with just seven wins.
The Sunny Leone starrer's trailer begins from where the first film trailed off. A brief synopsis of the prequel is made, only to reveal that the second film extends the plot further.
The month-on-month increase in the capital was actually 2% but prices trailed off in the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, the North West and across Wales.
that trailed off into shaggy goat stories with no endings in sight.
The FTSE 100 Index trailed off as the day went on and finished the day 27.9 points lower at 6430.1.