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tragic magic

1. dated slang Heroin. When you're an addict, you'll do just about anything to get your next fix of that tragic magic.
2. dated slang Crack cocaine mixed with phencyclidine (PCP). I heard they caught the teacher smoking tragic magic in his car one afternoon during his lunch break.
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n. heroin. This “tragic-magic,” which has swept over the land, has taken too many of our youth.
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Had we been of the tragic complexion, the reader must now allow we were very nearly arrived at this period, since it would be difficult for the devil, or any of his representatives on earth, to have contrived much greater torments for poor Jones than those in which we left him in the last chapter; and as for Sophia, a good-natured woman would hardly wish more uneasiness to a rival than what she must at present be supposed to feel.
Pangloss for himself; and very earnestly, but very unsuccessfully, trying to persuade the others that there were some fine tragic parts in the rest of the dramatis personae.
Here are two capital tragic parts for Yates and Crawford, and here is the rhyming Butler for me, if nobody else wants it; a trifling part, but the sort of thing I should not dislike, and, as I said before, I am determined to take anything and do my best.
Her features are not tragic features, and she walks too quick, and speaks too quick, and would not keep her countenance.
Again, if you string together a set of speeches expressive of character, and well finished in point of diction and thought, you will not produce thc essential tragic effect nearly so well as with a play which, however deficient in these respects, yet has a plot and artistically constructed incidents.
It told of the dispute between Agamemnon and Menelaus, the departure from Troy of Menelaus, the fortunes of the lesser heroes, the return and tragic death of Agamemnon, and the vengeance of Orestes on Aegisthus.
Well, I will tell you, although I have always from my earliest youth had an awe and love of Homer, which even now makes the words falter on my lips, for he is the great captain and teacher of the whole of that charming tragic company; but a man is not to be reverenced more than the truth, and therefore I will speak out.
And the tragic poet is an imitator, and therefore, like all other imitators, he is thrice removed from the king and from the truth?
Imitation is only a kind of play or sport, and the tragic poets, whether they write in iambic or in Heroic verse, are imitators in the highest degree?
LAHORE -- The working class has demanded to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Balochistan to take immediate measures to get stopped the tragic accidents of coal mine workers of Balochistan occurring every now and then.
THE wedding dress of tragic actress Sharon Tate is expected to fetch more than PS40,000 at auction.
Published by Salvatore Sciascia Editore (2014), this latest study by Roberto Salsano provides a close and philologically rigorous examination of Vittorio Alfieri's relationship to his inherited tragic models during his early career.
21 (ANI): The former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Nirupama Rao on Tuesday called the killing of 39 Indians by ISIS in Iraq as 'extremely tragic'.
TRIBUTES have been paid following the "tragic loss" of an 18-year-old who died of pneumonia after suffering from flu.
THE family of a young man who fell to his death at Parkhead are suing Celtic over the tragic incident.