traffic in

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traffic in (something)

To deal in the buying and selling of some commodity, especially that which is illicit or illegal. The mobster trafficked in drugs for years before entering into various other business models. The government has been accused of trafficking in relics pillaged from neighboring countries.
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traffic in something

to deal in something; to trade in something, usually something illegal. Max had been trafficking in guns for years before they caught him. The president of the country was trafficking in drugs for years.
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traffic in

To engage in the buying and selling of some illegal or improper product or commodity: The police arrested the criminals who trafficked in stolen diamonds.
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Offering industry-leading compression results, ICNA improves e-mail traffic in typical enterprise environments by enabling up to 80% compression gains.
F5 Networks is the Industry leader in Application Traffic Management, enabling enterprises and service providers to optimize any mission-critical application or web service, providing secure and predictable delivery of application traffic in an unpredictable environment.
INS ranks among the top 15 network operators for international traffic in the world.
NASDAQ NNM:CPTL) announced today that its Integrated Communications Network (ICN) has completed alpha testing, is operational and will begin carrying beta customer traffic in May.
After a careful review of all the high-end solutions on the market, we selected Marketwave's Hit List Live because of its ability to analyze our web site traffic in real time, and to a level of sophistication that no other product in the market could match," said Rick Landsman, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice-President of Unicast.
The first commercially-available, automated tool designed specifically for remote access performance testing, Avalanche/RA can establish PPP connections with a device or service on up to 64 ports and send data traffic in both directions.