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go play in (the) traffic

To go away and leave one alone because what is being done or said is very irritating. Often used as an imperative. A: "The experiment might work better if you actually knew what you were supposed to be mixing together." B: "You know what, Jenny? Why don't you go play in traffic?"
See also: go, play, traffic

take a long walk off a short pier

Go away and leave me alone. What you are doing or saying is really irritating. I'm really tired of your constant criticisms. Why don't you take a long walk off a short pier?
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk

as much as the traffic will bear

The maximum amount that customers are willing to pay. I will charge as much as the traffic will bear—I need to make a profit, you know!
See also: bear, much, traffic, will

traffic in (something)

To deal in the buying and selling of some commodity, especially that which is illicit or illegal. The mobster trafficked in drugs for years before entering into various other business models. The government has been accused of trafficking in relics pillaged from neighboring countries.
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stuck in traffic

Of a driver or passenger, moving very slowly or not at all due to heavy road traffic. A: "Hey, are you nearly home?" B: "No, I'm stuck in traffic, so it's going to be another 45 minutes at least before I'm back." I have to leave the house at nearly 6 AM to avoid getting stuck in traffic on the way to work.
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stuck in traffic

to be caught in a traffic jam. I am sorry I am late. I was stuck in traffic. Our taxi was stuck in traffic and I thought I would never get to the airport on time.
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Take a long walk off a short pier.

 and Go play in the traffic.
Inf. Get out of here!; Go do something that will get you permanently out of here! Get out of here! Take a long walk off a short pier! You bother me. Go play in the traffic.
See also: long, off, pier, short, take, walk

tie traffic up

Fig. to cause road traffic to stop. If you tie traffic up for too long, you'll get a traffic ticket. Please don't stop on the roadway. It'll tie up traffic.
See also: tie, traffic, up

traffic in something

to deal in something; to trade in something, usually something illegal. Max had been trafficking in guns for years before they caught him. The president of the country was trafficking in drugs for years.
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traffic jam

vehicle traffic that is so heavy and slow that it can no longer move. Going to the airport, we got stuck in a traffic jam for nearly and hour and missed our plane.
See also: jam, traffic

as much as the traffic will bear

as much as the trade or market will tolerate; as much as is economically viable.
See also: bear, much, traffic, will

traffic in

To engage in the buying and selling of some illegal or improper product or commodity: The police arrested the criminals who trafficked in stolen diamonds.
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The people were advised to cooperate with the traffic police and administration by parking their vehicles only at the designated places so as to avoid any problem in smooth flow of traffic movement.
He informed a comprehensive traffic plan has also been made for controlling traffic on occasion of death anniversary of Hazrat Khadija (RA), birth day of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), death anniversary of Hazrat Ali, Aitkaf-e-Youm-ul-Quds, Juma-tul-Wida, Laila-tul-Qadr and Chand Raat.
'They newly introduced traffic warden system will resolve traffic issues in Khwazakhela bazaar and will ensure smooth traffic,' said Fazl Wahab Khan.
Drivers participated in the traffic flow always want to get to the desired location as soon as possible and avoid tedious traffic jams.
He stressed the need for raising awareness about traffic rules in society.
In order to make the campaign more effective and meaningful, traffic wardens and officers had been issued special instructions, he said, adding Education Wing of Traffic police had been making efforts to spread awareness so that the road journey could be made safe and sound.
The 9.3% YoY growth in passenger traffic in Mexico reflects increases of 12.4% and 7.3% in domestic and international traffic, respectively.
Previously, the traffic department was detached in its operations and command.
Breaking law may excite criminal minds but what happens when many people start disobeying laws frequently daily These are often considered minor offences, but frequent violations of well established traffic laws depict true societal image and expose actual performance of traffic authorities and police departments.
AIG Training Abbas Majeed Marwat was the chief guest of the function which was also attended by SSP traffic Wahid Mehmood, Principal Traffic Training School Rafi Ullah, DSP Raheem Hussain and other high rank officials.
Colonel Jamal Salem Al Ameri, Chief of Public Relations Section in the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, Abu Dhabi Police, said: "Under the 'Students Safety is Everyone's Responsibility' campaign, we have intensified awareness programs during the new school year.
Engineer Khalaf pointed out that the ministry has changed the traffic-light of Al-Fateh intersection with Al-Juffair Avenue in cooperation with the General Traffic Directorate to increase the level of traffic safety and reduce the stopping phases, where the capacity of the traffic light was increased through not allowing the U turn for the traffic coming from the south, which will alleviate traffic congestion at that intersection.
Automakers, the general public, and government together bear a social responsibility to find ways to lower carbon dioxide emissions and improve traffic flows.
EU and US FAA announced the execution of an MOU at Farnborough that "secures enhanced cooperation in building a more efficient and seamless air traffic system between Europe and the US," FAA said.
A traffic manager credited with handling all transportation requirements for the movement of 3,000 service members in 30 different military units is the Army winner of SDDC's 2003 Excellence in Traffic Management Awards.