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And then I can tell whether that crooked wizard has fairly traded secrets, or whether he has fooled me as wickedly as I fooled him.
One sled he drove himself, drawn by dogs he had traded for or borrowed.
I had not had the spending of the money I earned, so I traded "extra" newspapers for these treasures.
I traded for other things that boys valued and which they usually bought with money given them by their parents.
In unusually blunt language, Justice Powell wrote: "We were explicit in Chiarella in saying that there can be no duty to disclose where the person who had traded on inside information was not [the corporation's] agent .
Those who claim that wages will be equalized or that the price of commodities traded in the region will be reduced any time soon are in for a few surprises.
LONDON -- Reuters (LSE:RTR)(NASDAQ:RTRSY) today unveiled an electronic trading capability for professionals dealing in exchange traded markets.
Based on this assessment, the value of the traded asset -- representing the amount a willing buyer would pay up to its historical carrying amount -- is reclassified to prepaid marketing expense.
Moreover, to win Congressional support for these trade agreements, the Clinton administration traded "pork" (support for unrelated legislation) for votes for both NAFFA and the WTO.