trade with

trade with (one)

1. To initiate or engage in an exchange or swap with one. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trade" and "with" to specify what is being exchanged or swapped. Wow, that sandwich looks good! Wanna trade with me? OK, everyone, get into pairs and trade notes with your partners.
2. To do business with one. They vowed to stop trading with companies that tested their products on animals. I've been trading with Tom for years, and I've never known him to renege on a deal like this before.
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trade something with someone

to exchange something with someone. Would you trade seats with me? I want to sit there. Can I trade books with you? This one is dull.
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trade with someone or something

to do business with someone or something. I don't like the owner of that shop. I won't trade with him anymore. Thank you for trading with us all these years. We don't trade with that company because their prices are too high.
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Moreover, the effects of the UN embargo on Iraq were more heavily felt in south eastern Turkey where the economy depended on trade with Iraq and where the PKK had been active.
The United States is by far the biggest economy in the world, and countries are going to want to trade with us, whether we insist on protecting the environment or not, whether we ban goods made with child labor or not, whether we insist that workers get paid a living wage or not.
Proponents of trade with China are fond of saying that China, with its 1.2 billion people, will need many goods as the nation develops--an expanding market for American companies.
This "trade employment multiplier" is 19,600 American jobs (increase or de crease) for each $1 billion change (in crease or decrease) in trade with our NAFTA partners.
But all of the comprehensive studies that I have seen on the subject indicate that the increase in trade with Mexico that will follow a removal of existing trade barriers, on the whole, will result in a net gain in both jobs and incomes for U.
It will not try to eliminate trade with the rest of the world, as the trading blocs of the 1930s did, but it will try to manage trade between itself and the rest of the world.
Today it's legal to buy coffee from Nicaragua but illegal to trade with Cuba, so Katzeff sells an "End the Embargo" dark roast with Che Guevara's image on the bag.
More important, though, is Thomas's role in trade with China and on global trade deals.
In fact, we trade more with Central America than we trade with Brazil or Australia." If that claim were true, it would make CAFTA redundant--assuming, once again, that promotion of free trade is the desired result.
That decision gave a green light to free trade with Chile.
The UAE increased trade with Egypt from zero before Camp David was signed to over $30 million in 1986.
trade with Japan: Japanese businesses will force an end to the protectionist regulations that made Japan an economic power, and which now threaten its recovery.
The battle will be fought over trade with five Central American countries and the Dominican Republic--none of which are particularly large U.S.
What advice would you give to Central Americans on trade with the United States?
David Ricardo later solidified the case for free trade with his theory of comparative advantage.