trade insults

trade insults (with someone)

to take turns with someone in mutual insulting. We traded insults with each other for a while and then settled down to some serious discussions of our differences.
See also: insult, trade
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We'll all lose AS we watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton trade insults on our TVs on a daily basis in their attempt to be the next president of the United States, outside their own political bubble there is very little enthusiasm as they are the two least popular presidential candidates ever.
But instead of flogging bargains, they trade insults.
Peter and Tracy trade insults as they |try to deal with Deirdre's death
UAE law will ensure the prosecution of anyone that uses the internet and smart phones to trade insults.
The pop star and her daughter Lourdes, trade insults in a dressing room as an aide styles her hair in a four-minute spoof film to announce the competition.
This is the kind of band who trade insults onstage and decorate their mic stands with bras which have been thrown at them.
After a campaign that saw the main protagonists trade insults, all the main candidates spent the final hours of campaigning with appearances on Ukrainian political talk shows.
Liam said today that the pair now simply trade insults on the internet rather than face-to-face.
HOWZAT: Smethwick's Arif Mahmood and Penn wicket keeper Lee Nightingale trade insults before the batsman is restrained as he raises his bat in fury
Big Jack and Wee Eck are paid to trade insults for a living.
To the red-hot rhetoric of red-faced pundits who trade insults for insight and package meanness as meaning.
Whenever it is held, however, all the parties should remember that they have a responsibility to present policies to the electorate ( not trade insults and smears.
As the two sides trade insults there are certain facts to be highlighted.
SIR - How charming to see Labour and Plaid using this letters page to trade insults about overspending on PFI bypasses (as if they don't expect expense when they put private profit before the public interest).
If you trade insults with your brother or sister every waking moment, you might think you have the worst sibling relationship on Earth.