trade for

trade for (someone or something)

1. To initiate or engage in an exchange or swap for something. I'm going to bring my old video games to the store and trade for something new. She's heading to the market to trade for the different fabrics she needs.
2. To exchange or swap someone or something for someone or something else. A noun or pronoun is used between "trade" and "for." Want to trade your cupcake for my chocolate bar? He fantasized about trading his mediocre life for that of his wealthy, successful neighbor. I can't believe the team traded their star quarterback for some rookie no one's ever heard of.
3. To exchange or swap (something) for some period of time. A noun or pronoun can be used between "trade" and "for" to specify what is being traded or exchanged. A: "I really like the colored pencils you're using." B: "And I really like your markers. Let's trade for a while!" If you feel like you have an unequal relationship with your romantic partner, try trading roles and responsibilities for a little while to gain some perspective from their point of view.
4. To initiate or solicit an exchange or swap with someone for something they have. A noun or pronoun is used between "trade" and "for." Tommy always wants to trade me for the yummy treats my mom packs in my lunch. I would gladly trade you for your family—they're so normal compared to mine!
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trade someone or something for someone or something

to exchange someone or something for someone or something. I will trade you our shortstop for your catcher and two additional promising ball players. I will tradeyou my office desk for a conference table.
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This revolt against free trade for corporations is one of the bright spots in the world today.
I believe in free trade but, as we can see, the WTO has nothing to do with free trade; it has to do with managed trade for the benefit of special interests among which are a few corporate interests."
"The more I read of local businesses and factories shutting down, workers being laid off, towns dying, the more I began to ask myself, the price of free trade is painful, real, lasting--where is the benefit other than the vast cornucopia of consumer goods?" (3) Buchanan came to blame trade for social problems.
It is unfair to blame trade for the social breakdown that seemed to occur in the United States and many other industrialized worlds.
Consistent with Executive Order 13141, these reviews apply to three types of agreements: comprehensive multilateral trade rounds (negotiations in which all economic sectors are on the table), bilateral or plurilateral free trade agreements (trade agreements between two or more countries that aim to reduce trade tariffs in all sectors to zero), and major new trade liberalization initiatives in natural resource sectors (negotiations to liberalize trade for specific sectors such as forestry or fisheries).
* Dealt primarily in the securities trade for his livelihood.
He favored free trade for the same reason he favored the gold standard and the Union in the Civil War: because it would advance the productive power of capitalism.
The Tax Court ruled in favor of the Service, stating that Schwab's "execution of a trade for a customer is a condition precedent that fixes [Schwab's] right to receive commission income.
In 1994, for example, two-way trade for goods and services plus earnings on investments grew at a record pace, reaching an all-time high of $1.8 trillion - more than 27 percent of our GDP.