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Fifth, in many countries the growth of tradable asset markets has been encouraged by government policies, such as promoting the development of capital markets, encouraging small investors to participate, reducing government pensions, encouraging home ownership and tax policies favouring capital gains over interest income.
The db x-trackers II IBOXX $ TREASURIES INFLATION-LINKED UCITS ETF (DR) gives investors access to tradable government bonds issued by the US government.
These freely tradable 2020 notes are represented by the CUSIP number 86723C AD0 (the unrestricted notes) and by a global security without restrictive legends that is held by the trustee for the 2020 notes.
While no metros in the district have tradable sectors as specialized in knowledge work as Washington or New York, Columbus and Pittsburgh are close to some of the metros Moretti cites as brain hubs, such as Austin, TX, and San Francisco/ San Jose, CA.
Natural Gas gives traders a wider variety of tradable securities apart from Foreign Exchange currency pairs, allowing traders to diversify their portfolio.
That led to income and price movements that caused the tradable sector's scope to shrink, as lower value-added links of global supply chains moved to emerging economies.
The wholesale banking business of Canada-based CIBC (NYSE: CM) has launched tradable indices for currencies and interest rates.
KITT's structure is based on four broad productive sectors that summarise the New Zealand economy: non-tradable good producers; tradable good producers, producers of residential investment (used to construct houses that provide a stream of housing services); and exporters.
Fintech firm FidentiaX has said that it is to launch what it claims to be the world's first marketplace for tradable insurance policies.
Tradable goods and services--goods and services that can be sold in a location, typically another country, different from where they were produced--are, theoretically, sold at the same price wherever they are sold.
To explain in brief: the production of goods is grouped into two cate- gories, tradable and non-tradable goods.
Higher oil prices increase oil revenues but compress the risk premium, thereby (i) improving overall creditworthiness, (ii) creating a surge in demand for tradable and non-tradable goods, and (iii) inducing both a real exchange-rate appreciation and a shift of economic resources from the tradable sector to the non-tradable sector.
A new db x-trackers ETF from the Deutsche Asset Management ETF product family has been tradable in Deutsche Brse's XTF segment via Xetra and Brse Frankfurt since Thursday.
Over 544 million shares from 10 companies will become tradable on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges from Monday to Friday, according to brokerage Southwest Securities.