track record

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track record

A history of someone's or something's performance, often cited as a predictor of how they will perform in the future. The mayor brought in the new police chief because he has a strong track record of reducing crime in inner-city neighborhoods. The company had an almost perfect track record before the scandal, which made it even more shocking.
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track record

A record of actual performance or achievements, as in This applicant has an excellent track record. This term probably comes from horse racing, where it signifies the best time a horse has ever achieved at a particular track or over a particular distance. However, some believe it alludes to track and field records. Its figurative use dates from the late 1940s.
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a track record

COMMON The track record of a person, company, or product is the reputation they have, based on what they have done or how good they have been in the past. He joined the BBC as a trainee and quickly developed a track record as an inventive programme maker. Glasgow Museums and Galleries have a proven track record of attracting very large audiences. The region is known to have a poor track record in research. Note: An athlete's track record is a record of the performances he or she has achieved.
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a ˌtrack ˈrecord

all a person’s or an organization’s successes or failures in the past: In business your track record is more important than your qualifications.
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Preqin found that funds with a track record of three years or less were as volatile as the wider industry over a three-year period, and rolling 12-month volatility for the two groups converged this year.
If you compare this (the av-erage speed in terms of mph) to other NGRC track records, the Monmore record would not even be in the top six in this country alone, let alone the world
They may be the "black sheep" of the management cadre, despite successful track records.
We have access to more detailed track records on more people managing portfolios than anyone else in the world," explained Ken Kam, CEO and Founder of Marketocracy, Inc.
Indy Racing League: It was 10 years ago when Valencia's Bryan Herta went into Phoenix International Raceway, set the track record and won the first pole position of his career in the CART Series.
The products managed by AMG's Affiliates are recognized for their long-term track record, consistent adherence to investment process, and strength of the management team.
A number of the panelists suggested that rates would level off over the next year, particularly for firms with good claims track records.
He qualified before Hines and held the track record for three attempts.
We are confident that his remarkable track record and history with operational and financial success in decreasing costs while increasing profitability will be one of the many assets he brings to this working relationship.
CBRE's track record with RBC Centura and their knowledge of our operations combined with their service capability and geographic market coverage proved to us they could help us efficiently and cost-effectively grow our business in the U.
March 4, 1950: Johnny Longden rides Noor to an American track record of 2:52 4/5 at Santa Anita and, more impresly, to a win by inches over the legendary Citation in the San Juan Capistrano Handicap before 58,730.
Over the past several quarters, we've built a consistent track record of business success.
Selection criteria for respondents include: demonstrate real estate development (finance, design and construction) and building operations/property management capability for projects of similar scale and complexity; demonstrate a track record of overseeing public construction projects of similar scale and complexity; Demonstrate a track record of developing and managing historic preservation projects of similar scale and complexity; demonstrate a track record of investing in/or securing financing for projects of similar scale and complexity.
Wild Rush was timed in 1:47 2/5 for 1-1/8 miles, breaking the track record of 1:48 set by Stalwars in the 1992 National Jockey Club Handicap.
Dale Pollak, Chairman of the Board and Founder of vAuto, commented, "Keith is a natural choice for CEO given his proven track record of leadership and success in high growth companies along with his experience in this industry.