track down

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track (someone or something) down

To search for or pursue someone or something until located or captured. I've been trying to track people down from my graduating class for our high school reunion. The police tracked down the fugitive to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. I was hoping you could help me track town this toy my son wants for Christmas.
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track someone or something down

to search out where someone or something is. I don't know where Anne is. I'll try to track her down. I'll track down Anne for you.
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track down

Follow successfully, locate, as in I've been trying to track down that book but haven't had any luck. This term alludes to the literal use of track, "follow the footsteps of." [Second half of 1800s]
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track down

To pursue someone or something until found or captured: I tracked down the book I was looking for. The fugitives were missing for a month before the police tracked them down.
See also: down, track
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One of the challenges was to track down Mike Carroll and ask him for KOTR advice.
But when a worksheet is large and contains many complex formulas, it's difficult to track down a particular link.
Now the Beeb is desperate to track down the classic tapes after the success of the new series of Dr Who, starring Christopher Eccleston.
Islamic Jihad terrorists Saturday executed an 18-year-old youth who helped Israel track down members of the gang.
Beat bobby PC Kevin Stockley took less than a day to track down the culprits who damaged the health centre on Lowfields Avenue.
Through such research, they were able to find not only census and city directory listings, but to track down Wilson's death record.
They can also track down commercial manuals for many cleaners when no Army pub is available.
With the goal of developing more-sensitive screens for detecting cancer, scientists have now used quantum dots to track down and light up cancer cells in mice.
I'm With Her's David Sutcliffe treks to Argentina to track down the lover who spurned him (Antonio Sabato Jr.
The US FBI yesterday confirmed that it is trying to track down the writers of the SoBig.
As always, Connelly tells a compelling tale as once more Bosch applies his own strategies and resolve to track down the killer, no matter who is involved.
Track down what the IRS owes you by using the Tax Refund Finder, offered by the National Taxpayers Union, at http://ntu.
That's where text retrieval systems-the tools used to track down and isolate those needles-come in.
The web is growing at such a rate that search engines are now the only practical way to track down information.
com] can also help track down dance-related resources.