tower above (someone or something)

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tower above (someone or something)

To be much taller than someone or something else. They're almost comical together because he towers above her so much. The mighty new skyscraper towers above the city.
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tower above someone or something

to stand or be much taller than someone or something. (Often used in exaggeration.) The basketball player towered above everyone else in the room. The new building towered above all the others in town.
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tower above

or tower over
1. To appear at or rise to a conspicuous height above someone or something: The oak towered above the rest of the trees. The skyscrapers tower over the horizon.
2. To demonstrate great superiority over someone or something: In terms of performance, our record towers above that of any other company in this city. Her report stated that the legacy of Alexander's empire towers over all other nations of the ancient world.
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References in classic literature ?
As he spoke he motioned upward through the mist of the rain to the sloping side of the mountain towering above them.
But there, in the midst, towering above them all, close before the house they were attacking now, was Hugh on horseback, calling to the rest!
A broad moat, a high outer wall turreted at the corners, with a great black keep towering above all--so it lay before them in the moonlight.
Adamu Adam stood beside her, towering above her, as he towered above the three white men.
In an instant he forgot that he had come here to kill the white-haired man, and with a bound stood in the center of the room--an unarmed giant towering above the battling four.
In the midst of this incongruous group of dwellings rose the mansion of the Judge, towering above all its neighbors.
Great heaps of slag and dumps of cinders loomed up on each side, with the high shafts of the collieries towering above them.
The foundation of the Hungarian State was celebrated with a one-hour celebratory animated light show displayed on the walls of nine skyscrapers towering above the banks of the Jialing River.
Towering above the Liver Building, the architect's designs came to life when the tower, also known as St John's Beacon, was built in 1969 with a revolving restaurant at the top.
|Listen to the podcast:With cliffs towering above and water raging below, a visit to Slovensky raj (Slovak Paradise) is not for the faint-hearted (or clumsy).
Sarah Roffe, Giraffe Team Manager at the zoo, said: ""Following the birth, Orla's calf was then on its feet within 30 minutes - and is already towering above most of the keepers."
SEAN CRIGHTON is ready to cut Airdrie's rivals down to size - despite them towering above him.
2) St George--an image of triumph, a man towering above a beast of commerce 3) Imagine the man who does not wear the burqa, as covered in one.
Cars queue up for the ferry with the recently completed bridge towering above
Across the street from Central Park, towering above The Shops at Columbus Circle, there is also a garage, courtyard, housekeeping, valet, playroom, lounge, rooftop deck and business center.