tower above

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tower above (someone or something)

To be much taller than someone or something else. They're almost comical together because he towers above her so much. The mighty new skyscraper towers above the city.
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tower above someone or something

to stand or be much taller than someone or something. (Often used in exaggeration.) The basketball player towered above everyone else in the room. The new building towered above all the others in town.
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tower above

or tower over
1. To appear at or rise to a conspicuous height above someone or something: The oak towered above the rest of the trees. The skyscrapers tower over the horizon.
2. To demonstrate great superiority over someone or something: In terms of performance, our record towers above that of any other company in this city. Her report stated that the legacy of Alexander's empire towers over all other nations of the ancient world.
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If built, the BT Cellnet mast and aerial would tower above a small area of land at the bottom of Church Road, Cadoxton.
Her parents Amandine and Ramses were both miniature horses, but they tower above their offspring.
The through-block building will incorporate a three-story base that will serve as a new parish house for the church, while the tower above will incorporate 139 luxury condominium residences in one, two, and three bedroom layouts.
is a boutique office tower above Ferragamo's New York flagship retail store.
Some of the other noteworthy design elements to be featured at Trump Plaza: Jersey City include: monumental stone piers that define the lobby entrance, a stately seven-story base that mediates between street level and the tower above and rusticated piers that soar the full height of the building to a distinctive crown defined by setbacks and deeply set windows.
The New York headquarters for luxury goods conglomerate LVMH rises as a shimmering geometric tower above 57th Street.
In addition, a tower above the transit and shopping facilities will provide an additional 470,000 SF of office space.
The mid-rise component acts as a transitional element between E Walk and the hotel tower, mediating the scale between the realistic billboards below and the abstract expressionism of the tower above.