towel down

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towel someone or something down

to rub someone or something dry with a towel. The mother toweled her child down and dressed her in clean clothes. She toweled down the child gently. Towel down the dog. He's wet and shaking.
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Makena has its own private beach, so you can leave your room, throw your towel down, and start soaking up the Maui sunshine.
But if you head up towards the Old Town you can fling your towel down among the locals and enjoy the Med's temperate waters for free.
Many people have no idea that it could end up on their favourite beach, washed up just where they want to put their towel down.
I took the towel down, and she's like, 'Get back here,'" motioning him to an area where he could immediately see a doctor.
1 Lay an old towel down to pick up any spillages, then turn both the inlet and outlet valves off by turning them clockwise.
There is none of this nancying off to the toilets to towel down and style.
It was perhaps no surprise the game boiled over as Bullets felt aggrieved that the Eagles were getting away with over-physical defence, and when Jeff Bonds was sent flying into a perimeter wall Matt Kemper, sitting on the bench, flung his towel down in disgust and was given a technical.
Nevertheless, when you put a beach towel down, you can guarantee that a French person will come and put one down smack bang next to it.
Towel down her body with a fluffy warm towel, gently massaging her feet and toes.
Fastballs of important dialogue are hurled at the audience while nude dudes splash around, scratch themselves, and towel down.
If you know you're going to sit on the desk chair naked, always put a towel down on the desk chair.
The Brits tend to get up at 5am, put their towel down, go back to bed, get up, have breakfast, pop to the local market on the bus, haggle for 40 minutes to buy a three euro bracelet and then come back to the hotel.
You can lay your towel down in the middle of the 6'6" square surface to create a sand-free zone around you, or, if you prefer, sit or lay directly on the soft top layer.
James Oxley caused damage estimated at pounds 25,000 damage by throwing a lit towel down the stairs, believing people "out to get him" were in the house.
Aston Villa old boy Ray Houghton, a keen golfer, and here doing on-course summarising for local station RTE, was trudging his wet way down the side of the fairway when he was shocked to hear a familiar Geordie voice shout out from behind, "Hello young man, do you want to pop inside for a bite to eat and a bit of towel down.