tow away

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tow someone or something away*

to pull something, such as a car or a boat, away with another car, boat, etc. (The someone refers to the property of someone, not the person.) If I don't get back to my car, they will tow me away. The truck towed away my car. A big truck came and towed the illegally parked car away.
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highways england is looking for a device which can measure the towing force needed to clear and tow away stricken vehicles from the road network to a designated place of safety.
'The workers had said that it would take them around 30 minutes to tow away the truck but this took over four hours and in the time the road had been blocked on all sides by overlapping drivers,' Njihia said.
Attorney-general Costas Clerides wrote to the deputy telling him that the minister's opinion was "untimely and mistaken." He had investigated the matter after a request by the Chief of Police and found that it was illegal wheel-clamp or tow away cars that were illegally parked because only the police had the right to do this.
It is also thought that many firms clamp and tow away without good cause and there is little motorists can do, except pay up.
Bus stops could be designated tow away zones, and could be located on both sides of the one-way route, with parking allowed at all other points along the road.
A MUM told yesterday how wheel-clampers threatened to tow away her car - with her disabled son inside.
The City's Chevrolet team van died in a tow away zone and disappeared into San Francisco's vehicle impound matrix.
The fact that some councils charged up to pounds 67 to tow away an old car also encouraged some owners to abandon them.
But new legislation, the Police Reform Act 2002, now gives police the power to tow away the cars of drivers who use their vehicles in a manner that causes alarm, distress or annoyance.
A LAWYER is mounting a legal challenge against Scottish local authorities over their powers to tow away illegally parked cars.
COUNCIL street inspectors have the power to tow away abandoned cars left on the street or on council land.
MANILA -- China was warned Thursday against trying to tow away the BRP Sierra Madre from Ayungin Shoal, as this could be considered an attack against the Philippines and prompt the United States to defend the country in keeping with their Mutual Defense Treaty.
RTA will also tow away the vehicles broken down within the traffic lanes using towing motorbikes or cranes in the presence of police patrols to ensure traffic flow.
The Abu Dhabi Municipality signedAacontracts with two companies last Monday to tow away dirty carsAaandAacars left by their owners in the city'sAaparking lots as part of its efforts to maintain the aesthetic face of the capital.
Father-of-five Joe Johnson, 69, who has lived in Uppingham Road for more than 30 years, called police to tow away cars twice in the past week after finding his driveway blocked.