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tout de suite

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. Often given the coarse pronunciation "toot sweet" or incorrect spelling "tout suite" in English. I suggest you pay the bill tout de suite, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there tout de suite.
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toot sweet

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. The phrase is based on a coarse or humorous mispronunciation of the French phrase tout de suite, meaning the same. I suggest you pay the bill toot sweet, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there toot sweet.
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tout (someone or something) as

To describe, proclaim, or promote someone or something as being some ideal or beneficial type of person or thing. Often used in passive constructions. Anyone who touts a natural supplement as being some kind of miracle cure is conning you. The young quarterback is already being touted as the next John Elway.
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tout for (something)

To solicit or attempt to obtain something, as through entreaty or persuasion. The president has been campaigning across the country touting for the healthcare legislation he is trying to get passed. When I was at my lowest, I spent a number of weeks touting for work with a sign on the corner of Main Street.
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tout someone or something around

to promote and boost someone or something publicly. He is touting his favorite candidate around, hoping to get a few votes for her. Roger is touting his book around, trying to boost sales.
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tout someone or something as something

to present someone or something as a beneficial type of person or something. Joel touted his candidate as the best of all. Ann touted her medicine as a cure-all.
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tout suite

right away; with all haste. (Pronounced "toot sweet." From French toute de suite.) John: Come on, get this finished! Bob: I'm trying. John: Tout suite! Get moving! "I want this mess cleaned up, tout suite!" shouted Sally, hands on her hips and steaming with rage.
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tout as

To promote or praise someone or something by comparing them to some ideal: The press is touting the young basketball player as the next Michael Jordan.
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tout for

To seek to obtain something by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application; solicit something: We could hear the street vendors touting for business.
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Rather, we are the ones who will end up being accused of things we have not done," a tout said, adding that Mr Mwingirwa was linked to some of the top police officers who own matatus in the city.
She said: "Yet again, when another high-profile event is announced, ticket touts are able to harvest thousands of tickets in a matter of seconds and sell them on again at ridiculous prices.
Y Byd ar Bedwar journalists scoured the web to track down touts who were flouting World Cup rules by offering tickets to Wales' World Cup games.
The post Ayia Napa to clamp down on touts appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
At the Regional Transport Office in Burari money can buy the services of touts who can provide fitness certificates for commercial vehicles that ply in the Capital.
ey say touts are using sophisticated computer software to snap up tickets from ocial websites and sell them on at inated prices.
The touts can, though, because they then go on to make a lot of cash out of multiple ticket-buying.
The social and political circles have demanded stern action against these touts to put to end their plundering.
Some officers of the department are allegedly involved in illegal settlement with the applicants and they are supporters of the tout mafia.
Unlike the World Cup and other major football matches, Wimbledon is not classed as a designated sporting event - meaning touts can manipulate the law to buy and sell without being prosecuted.
It is illegal to sell football tickets above face value and the FA is determined to rid football of touts to help ensure that real fans are not paying inflated prices for tickets.
Outside the stadium before the match, some touts were actually advertising tickets as forgeries, selling them for upwards of pounds 100, and convincing the purchaser that the fakes were still good enough to gain entry.
But it seems that touts are now pricing many genuine fans out of the market.
The revelation comes as touts continue to sell tickets for the Euro 2004 football championships and the Glastonbury Festival this month, Madonna's August concert dates in London and other major events.