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tout someone or something around

to promote and boost someone or something publicly. He is touting his favorite candidate around, hoping to get a few votes for her. Roger is touting his book around, trying to boost sales.
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tout someone or something as something

to present someone or something as a beneficial type of person or something. Joel touted his candidate as the best of all. Ann touted her medicine as a cure-all.
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tout suite

right away; with all haste. (Pronounced "toot sweet." From French toute de suite.) John: Come on, get this finished! Bob: I'm trying. John: Tout suite! Get moving! "I want this mess cleaned up, tout suite!" shouted Sally, hands on her hips and steaming with rage.
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tout as

To promote or praise someone or something by comparing them to some ideal: The press is touting the young basketball player as the next Michael Jordan.
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tout for

To seek to obtain something by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application; solicit something: We could hear the street vendors touting for business.
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I appeal to the public and to local businesses in the area to report any instances of touting to the helpline number; we all need to work together.
Don Foster, the party's culture, media and sport spokesman said: "The FA needs help to combat touting but with less than 30 prosecutions each year, the Government just isn't taking this problem seriously.
The Action for Better Government, founded just 20 days ago by Allan Cameron, a development consultant and longtime Santa Clarita political activist, also sent out two glossy brochures touting McLean's candidacy, one through a separate political action committee, while the other named McLean, Ferry and Heidt as the best choices in the election.
A Greater Manchester police source said: "We will be investigating the ticket touting allegations.
A man who looks as if he is doing a bit of touting by way of a change from loitering on street corners with ill intent says that he won't talk to me about touting.
Menzel was fined pounds 535 after admitting a charge of ticket touting under Section 31 of the London and Paralympic Games Act 2006.
Insp Geoff Williams said: "Historically, there was never a problem with touting at racecourses because there were always enough tickets to meet demand.
The missives are tailored to each council district, with the 12th District mailer touting the candidacy of former Republican Assemblywoman Paula Boland for the charter commission.
Insp Geoff Wlliams said: "Historically, there was never a problem with touting at racecourses because there were always enough tickets to meet demand.
Chief Supt Chris Bourlet, the top policeman at Wimbledon, admitted: "We are not going to stop the touting businesses by doing what we do.
This is because historically there was never a problem with touting at racecourses, because there were always enough tickets to meet demand.
If you sell a ticket to your best mate at face value that's illegal touting and you're risking arrest.
Patel, of Blackburn, is being quizzed over claims of fraud, money-laundering and touting.
The Fulham manager says Chelsea did not act inappropriately over the touting of Middlesbrough youngster Nathan Porritt as every manager does the same.