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tout de suite

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. Often given the coarse pronunciation "toot sweet" or incorrect spelling "tout suite" in English. I suggest you pay the bill tout de suite, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there tout de suite.
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toot sweet

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. The phrase is based on a coarse or humorous mispronunciation of the French phrase tout de suite, meaning the same. I suggest you pay the bill toot sweet, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there toot sweet.
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tout (someone or something) as

To describe, proclaim, or promote someone or something as being some ideal or beneficial type of person or thing. Often used in passive constructions. Anyone who touts a natural supplement as being some kind of miracle cure is conning you. The young quarterback is already being touted as the next John Elway.
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tout for (something)

To solicit or attempt to obtain something, as through entreaty or persuasion. The president has been campaigning across the country touting for the healthcare legislation he is trying to get passed. When I was at my lowest, I spent a number of weeks touting for work with a sign on the corner of Main Street.
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tout someone or something around

to promote and boost someone or something publicly. He is touting his favorite candidate around, hoping to get a few votes for her. Roger is touting his book around, trying to boost sales.
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tout someone or something as something

to present someone or something as a beneficial type of person or something. Joel touted his candidate as the best of all. Ann touted her medicine as a cure-all.
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tout suite

right away; with all haste. (Pronounced "toot sweet." From French toute de suite.) John: Come on, get this finished! Bob: I'm trying. John: Tout suite! Get moving! "I want this mess cleaned up, tout suite!" shouted Sally, hands on her hips and steaming with rage.
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tout as

To promote or praise someone or something by comparing them to some ideal: The press is touting the young basketball player as the next Michael Jordan.
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tout for

To seek to obtain something by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application; solicit something: We could hear the street vendors touting for business.
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This will cause severely high heat and in turn, the touter will turn hot and melt the solder that is holding the PCD tip to the steel body, thereby resulting in tool failure.
Two former touters of Xybernaut stock have since been accused by the SEC of fraudulent activities relating to publicly-traded securities, though not Xybernaut.
Ski touters will tell you that you are not going up in order to come down, but the exhilaration of a virgin powder run through the wilderness after a long hike up beats anything a resort can give you.
Anecdotally, we find that most networks today do not even activate the common compression algorithms that exist in most touters for link speeds above 56 or 128Kbps.
JRM Intl carries the Maka line of 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC touters for furniture, cabinetry, and door and window production.
For instance, 1) the frequency of reads and writes are obtained locally through the site which hosts the subgame, 2) the information about network architecture is globally available since domains can easily pull such information from the touters using the border gate protocol (BGP) [32], and 3) the locations of the primary sites are also available locally since the agents represent the objects, (i.
Approximately 1,600 Tropos Networks wireless touters are being installed in a grid across the populous areas of the city's corporate limits to provide coverage, with a minimum throughput of 512 Kbps to 1 Mbps on average, which meets the qualifying standard for high-speed wireless.
How new are their drill machines, touters, scoring machines, etching tanks and test systems?
Integrating PC and CNC Machines, it is primarily designed and developed for CNC milling machines and lathes including machining mad turning centers, but can be easily applied to CNC grinders, laser cutters, punch presses, water jet cutters, wood touters, and robotics.
For example, one piece of malfunctioning printer software appeared to network administrators to he attacking touters, when it was just looking for a printer.
Take heed you purveyors of performance, you touters of telematic technology.
31) In October of 1998, an SEC-conducted Internet fraud sweep that focused on illegal touting revealed that nearly $7 million in cash and over two million shares were garnered by just forty-four illegal touters.
2) If an intermediate router holds an obsolete AMT entry for the migrating host, it broadcasts an InvAMT packet to all the connected subnetworks to invalidate any obsolete entries that might remain on other touters.
New, high-profile Touters taking advantage of Tout's real-time broadcast capability have included entertainment personalities and major media outlets such as CBS's Survivor host Jeff Probst, ABC's Good Morning America, and ESPN's Fantasy Football Now.