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toot sweet

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. The phrase is based on a coarse or humorous mispronunciation of the French phrase tout de suite, meaning the same. I suggest you pay the bill toot sweet, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there toot sweet.
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tout (someone or something) as

To describe, proclaim, or promote someone or something as being some ideal or beneficial type of person or thing. Often used in passive constructions. Anyone who touts a natural supplement as being some kind of miracle cure is conning you. The young quarterback is already being touted as the next John Elway.
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tout around

To promote, praise, or advertise someone or something in an extravagant or overly enthusiastic manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tout" and "around." There are scores of nutrition companies touting around their supplements as miracle cures for any number of illnesses and ailments, but they're all just a bunch of snake oil. The boss has been touting the new vice president of marketing around like she's going to be the savior of the company.
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tout de suite

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. Often given the coarse pronunciation "toot sweet" or incorrect spelling "tout suite" in English. I suggest you pay the bill tout de suite, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there tout de suite.
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tout for (something)

To solicit or attempt to obtain something, as through entreaty or persuasion. The president has been campaigning across the country touting for the healthcare legislation he is trying to get passed. When I was at my lowest, I spent a number of weeks touting for work with a sign on the corner of Main Street.
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tout someone or something around

to promote and boost someone or something publicly. He is touting his favorite candidate around, hoping to get a few votes for her. Roger is touting his book around, trying to boost sales.
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tout someone or something as something

to present someone or something as a beneficial type of person or something. Joel touted his candidate as the best of all. Ann touted her medicine as a cure-all.
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tout suite

right away; with all haste. (Pronounced "toot sweet." From French toute de suite.) John: Come on, get this finished! Bob: I'm trying. John: Tout suite! Get moving! "I want this mess cleaned up, tout suite!" shouted Sally, hands on her hips and steaming with rage.
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tout as

To promote or praise someone or something by comparing them to some ideal: The press is touting the young basketball player as the next Michael Jordan.
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tout for

To seek to obtain something by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application; solicit something: We could hear the street vendors touting for business.
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ButChelseaare now determined to clamp down and it is an issue which stops genuine fans getting tickets and others being forced to pay way over the odds while they also insist touts have links to organised crime.
That would mean that touts who sell on would be committing a criminal offence for traders to masquerade as fans when they buy tickets.
At a sentencing hearing following his escape, Tout was jailed for sevenand-a-half years.
The tout has filed a case against his colleagues, who he accuses of destroying his car.
Rather, we are the ones who will end up being accused of things we have not done," a tout said, adding that Mr Mwingirwa was linked to some of the top police officers who own matatus in the city.
But in practice some secondary market websites are simply used by touts who used sophisticated computer software to buy up tickets as soon as they go on sale, preventing ordinary fans from purchasing them at the official price, and then sell them on at a huge profit.
His team-mate, Dyfed Morgan, said things were made even worse by touts buying tickets and selling them on for big profits.
The UPA had enforced this law way back in 2010 and four years on -- these touts seem to have taken over the functioning of the railways, as far as tickets go.
According to details, tout mafia is creating intense problems for visitors who come at district courts Islamabad.
Tout le monde s'acharne a faire des records de jeune.
ISLAMANAD, January 29, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Tout mafia has taken over the Excise Office in Rawalpindi due to negligence of the department.
The tout we spoke to revealed: "An estate agent suggested the idea to me as there were a lot of empty properties we could be applying for tickets from.
But anyone tempted to risk buying from a tout is being told by Lambeth Council "it's not worth it".