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tout de suite

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. Often given the coarse pronunciation "toot sweet" or incorrect spelling "tout suite" in English. I suggest you pay the bill tout de suite, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there tout de suite.
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toot sweet

Immediately; at once; as quickly as possibly. The phrase is based on a coarse or humorous mispronunciation of the French phrase tout de suite, meaning the same. I suggest you pay the bill toot sweet, or the bank will start charging you interest. As soon as we heard the police sirens, we got out of there toot sweet.
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tout (someone or something) as

To describe, proclaim, or promote someone or something as being some ideal or beneficial type of person or thing. Often used in passive constructions. Anyone who touts a natural supplement as being some kind of miracle cure is conning you. The young quarterback is already being touted as the next John Elway.
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tout for (something)

To solicit or attempt to obtain something, as through entreaty or persuasion. The president has been campaigning across the country touting for the healthcare legislation he is trying to get passed. When I was at my lowest, I spent a number of weeks touting for work with a sign on the corner of Main Street.
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tout someone or something around

to promote and boost someone or something publicly. He is touting his favorite candidate around, hoping to get a few votes for her. Roger is touting his book around, trying to boost sales.
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tout someone or something as something

to present someone or something as a beneficial type of person or something. Joel touted his candidate as the best of all. Ann touted her medicine as a cure-all.
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tout suite

right away; with all haste. (Pronounced "toot sweet." From French toute de suite.) John: Come on, get this finished! Bob: I'm trying. John: Tout suite! Get moving! "I want this mess cleaned up, tout suite!" shouted Sally, hands on her hips and steaming with rage.
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tout as

To promote or praise someone or something by comparing them to some ideal: The press is touting the young basketball player as the next Michael Jordan.
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tout for

To seek to obtain something by persuasion, entreaty, or formal application; solicit something: We could hear the street vendors touting for business.
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Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti on Monday directed Central Police Station to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the conduct of the tout.
Le point commun de toutes ces affaires et des plaintes que depose tout le monde contre tout le monde, est la suspicion que souleve toute richesse chez tous les chasseurs de corrompus.
She said: "Yet again, when another high-profile event is announced, ticket touts are able to harvest thousands of tickets in a matter of seconds and sell them on again at ridiculous prices.
His team-mate, Dyfed Morgan, said things were made even worse by touts buying tickets and selling them on for big profits.
The post Ayia Napa to clamp down on touts appeared first on Cyprus Mail.
At the Regional Transport Office in Burari money can buy the services of touts who can provide fitness certificates for commercial vehicles that ply in the Capital.
Tout offers several packages, including a free version with mobile capture, real time widgets, simple stats and full social sharing capabilities.
The tout mafia is ruling the office and they are setting outside Excise and Taxation office freely and continuously looting the applicants on the behest of the officers involved.
THE FA have launched a new 'Out the Touts' campaign cracking down on ticket touts in the build-up to the FA Cup final on May 30.
But it seems that touts are now pricing many genuine fans out of the market.
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Tout Seul won five times as a juvenile and put up his best performance to beat Tomahawk in the Group One Darley-sponsored Dewhurst at Headquarters in October.
Considered in relation to Sceve's work, Lescarre's refrain, "Pure licorne expellant tout venin," invites a comparison with the "Cedre" of D372 and the impresa of the first of the fifty emblems in Delie, the one which, appearing between D5 and D6, represents a woman who, in a gesture of love and pity reminiscent of the beloved of the Song of Songs 2:6 ("Laeva ejus sub capite meo, / et dextera illius amplexabitur me"), embraces a unicorn wounded by an arrow.
Here's how it works: First, shareholders and brokers who disseminate false information tout the price of a thinly traded stock Second, the con artists dump their overpriced shares at inflated prices, leaving come lately investors holding worthless bags.