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grand tour

1. An extended tour or sightseeing trip in, through, or across any country or region. Originally used in specific reference to the major cities of Europe, the trip was considered a necessary part of well-bred gentlemen's upbringing. It was later extended to travel in general. I've been saving up all year long for my grand tour through France.
2. By extension, a comprehensive, guided tour, inspection, or survey. This is your first time seeing our new house, right? Let me give you the grand tour! The general insisted on a grand tour of all the sites that are still operational.
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what happens on tour stays on tour

Any scandalous activities that happen when one travels in a group are not to be discussed with other people afterward. The phrase alludes to the stereotypical partying of musicians on tour. A: "Guys, please don't tell my wife about all the girls I've been with on the road." B: "Sure, man—what happens on tour stays on tour!"
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tour de force

An exceptionally masterful performance or achievement, especially in the arts. The director's latest movie is a tour de force of filmmaking. The Olympic gymnast's final routine was a tour de force that earned her a gold medal.
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whistle-stop tour

A brief trip to several locations. My travel agent offered me such a great deal on a whistle-stop tour of Italy that I couldn't resist.
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on tour

Travelling to many different locations to give a specific performance. The band announced that they would be going on tour this spring across Europe to promote their latest album. We're taking the play on tour to the west coast for six weeks this fall.
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go on tour

[for a performing group] to go from place to place, performing. Our play went on tour across the state. If we make the play a success, we will go on tour.
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grand tour

A comprehensive tour, survey, or inspection. For example, They took me on a grand tour of their new house, or The new chairman will want to make a grand tour of all the branches. Starting in the late 1600s this term was used for a tour of the major European cities, considered essential to a well-bred man's education. In the mid-1800s it was extended to more general use.
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a tour de ˈforce

(from French) an extremely skilful performance or achievement: a literary/cinematic tour de force
This is a French phrase that means ‘an act of strength’.
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a ˌwhistle-stop ˈtour

short visits to different places made, for example, by a politician during an election campaign: The Prime Minister left on a whistle-stop tour of the north of England today.The new manager’s gone on a whistle-stop tour of all the offices.In the US, a whistle stop is a small town or station that trains only stop at if somebody gives a signal.
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The Richmond County Savings Foundation has awarded the Municipal Art Society a $25,000 grant to develop and conduct a series of six bus, walking and boat tours of Staten Island in 2007, with an inaugural lecture on the borough's history by Pulitzer Prizewinning historian Mike Wallace.
Several series of images were collected and programmed to produce virtual tours at subsequent crop stages.
The tour helps dispel misconceptions people have about landfills -- the design, the landfill liners, the gas monitoring system,'' he said.
With the warmly received performances of Shindig and other works from the Heritage Project at home, developing a southern-themed tour seemed a natural, according to executive director Doug Singleton, and one that instantly "caught the eye of presenters.
The first goal of the tour business is to strengthen the Casillero del Diablo brand and get consumers close to Concha y Toro," says Ignacio Izcue, deputy manager for tourism at Concha y Toro.
Another agent said that one of the firm's executives calls each customer a few days before the visit to introduce himself and ask for specific questions that the customer would like to have answered during the tour.
The level of competition on the PGA TOUR and the passion of PGA TOUR fans is a great fit for LendingTree and our belief that 'When Banks Compete, You Win.
On our trip, tour organizers lamented that the rooftop signs for the Orpheum and the Royale Wilshire were not lit at all, and that the neon baker on the side of Canter's deli had gone on the fritz just days earlier.
The technology eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive multi-photography photoshoots and digital image "stitching" procedures (cutting and pasting photos to create a 360[degrees] image) of earlier virtual tour technologies.
For example, African-American tour operator Gaynell Henderson-Bailey, of the Washington-based Henderson Travel Service, takes groups to visit the townships to see where blacks live and work.
The cars must be replaced or the tour will stop running.
The Utix partnership provides the PGA TOUR with a new and exciting way to reach out to the golf fans and encourage more golf play, further extending the PGA TOUR brand in the process," said Leo McCullagh, Vice President, Retail Licensing and Consumer Marketing for the PGA TOUR.
SANTA CLARITA - The best scorers of the AT&T Classic go into today's final round at Valencia Country Club attempting to end long winless streaks on the age 50-and-over Champions Tour.