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You'll have to use guile, strategy, ground preparation, the cautious indirect approach--every technique used by the military to take a toughly defended position.
That would go beyond the traditional regulations and may have alerted colleagues sooner to the condition of the troubled Germanwings pilot, but unions say it would represent a marked change of culture for the toughly managed airline industry.
TOUGH Our Drive Phone Smart campaign calls for drivers using phones at the wheel to be treated as toughly as drink-driving.
Since Android devices toughly compete with each other, each one has to out-think one another by coming up with additional features like heart rate sensors, fingerprint readers, eye-trackers and even smart Knock Code unlocking.
Those persons attempting to destabilize the situation in the country will be toughly punished, acting Interior Minister Melis Turganbayev said at the meeting of Ata Meken faction on September 19.
ey came back pre-season, they have not missed a minute's training and they have worked their socks o""And things that probably don't come naturally to them, and don't get looked at as toughly in "And things that probably don't come naturally to them, and don't get looked at as toughly in development football because - no disrespect - the awareness of it isn't as important as it is at our level, is what you do when you haven't got the ball.
If you've heard Florian speak, you wouldn't be surprised at her high ratings, even though she speaks directly, sometimes toughly but always with a leavening pinch of humor, about topics that too many of us would prefer to avoid.
1 Laiba Ijaz defeated her close rival Fozia Khan in a toughly contestant encounter, the score was 13-11, 11-7 and 11-1.
The Kings, however, played toughly and led 29-24 in the first quarter.
Putin: we will toughly and consistently continue to fight against terrorists until their total destruction.
Demanding a retraction of the zone, however, contravenes China's sovereign rights; that Biden's toughly worded demarches stopped short of calling for China's claims to be rescinded is tacit acknowledgment of this fact.
But there is no comparison between Assad and El-Sisi, who protected the Brotherhood for more than a year, and he had to deal with it toughly when the Egyptian street seethed in anger and threatened to confront the fascists.
The Georgian side controls thoroughly quality of wine, which is exported to RF, Russia, in turn, controls not less toughly
OR TEXT the word SWSCOM3 followed by a space then your THIS year's Dove Men Series looks set to be another toughly fought competition for global rugby supremacy.