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Sugar and Power in the Caribbean: The South Porto Rico Sugar Company in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, 1900-1921 is a toughly researched book that details the history of this New Jersey company dedicated to the growing, manufacturing, and exporting of raw sugar in Puerto Rico in the 1900s, and in the Dominican Republic in the 1910s.
In fact both sides wanted it just as bad as the other which made for a hard, toughly fought game.
Obama issued a toughly worded statement on a day when Syrian security forces shot to death almost 90 protesters in the bloodiest day in a month of escalating demonstrations against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
a regular quarterly review of the Iran nuclear program to the agency's board - gave the reactor unloading only brief mention and devoted its bulk to an unusually toughly worded indictment of Iranian refusals to answer questions about what the inspectors called "possible military dimensions" of its nuclear program.
Some states--even toughly conservative South Carolina and Mississippi--have begun to reform their practices and reduce incarceration, without impairing public safety.
The blast took place shortly after polls closed in a toughly fought by-election, the first electoral test since the end of the anti-government protests.
But many in Congress are now pushing for toughly worded language
Ralph Hosoki, of the Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan, one of the NGOs, does not expect these responses to be strong and hopes the committee's report will be toughly worded.
Rafael Vinoly was chair and steered a toughly argued but good-humoured debate.
In pieces from the early '70s as well as those made this year, viewers encountered Iannone's brand of toughly decorative, ornately direct, literal-allegorical work, which is at once evocative of Aubrey Beardsley and Persian miniatures.
If he votes toughly, he irritates those feeding him the golden nuggets; if he votes weakly, he appears to be in their pocket.
One thing is for sure, this year's match will be even more toughly contested than last year's.
The Norma hollowpoint was too toughly jacketed to open reliably, and the 200-grain, 1,200 fps jacketed truncated cone configuration was powerful enough to crack the steel of the early Dornaus & Dixon Bren Tens, and was horrendously over-penetrative.
It was always going to be a toughly fought contest, with pounds 80 million-worth of projects vying for pounds 20 million of resources," he said.
The most unsupported claims in a press release is a toughly contested category for any type of press release--but technology releases sometimes take this to a high art form.