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Banking authorities in Switzerland are to impose tougher capital requirements on UBS AG (NYSE: UBS) and Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS).
I love music and myself play guitar and the brief we got at University was kind of to focus on creation and divergent thinking, so music was the first thing I went to," Tougher explained.
It reveals that students back tougher discipline to help ensure that all pupils get a decent education.
Leading Belarusian organizations are also asking the national parliaments of EU members to approve resolutions for tougher sanctions.
In addition, anyone carrying out road works will have to meet tougher standards on safety for disabled people - making sure sites are properly protected and facilities are put in place to allow wheelchair users to move around them easily.
NEW tougher sentences for knife crime were welcomed last night by Deeside's AM Carl Sargeant.
A TEENAGER who saw her dad kicked to death by thugs tearfully told the PM tougher laws were needed last night.
LAX rules are allowing former ministers to exploit their insider knowledge for profit "with impunity", a committee of MPs warned today as it called for tougher regulation of lobbying.
MOST people want tougher laws to prevent aggressive and unfair sales practices.
Japan to Enact Tougher Food Labeling Law: Because of a recent food poisoning outbreak triggered by pesticide-tainted Chinese dumplings and a rash of food labeling misrepresentations by Japanese food manufacturers, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda's Cabinet has decided to enact a new, tougher food labeling law that would require extensive place of origin rules and carry stiff penalties for violators, Cabinet Office officials said Feb.
Laurence Walker, 21, Westerhope, Newcastle: They need to get tougher.
What's tougher then a well-toned boxer staring you down?
Anthony Van Engelen has been looking tougher and tougher over the last few years, but tough enough for Indy?
The survey was carried out to highlight a new national agreement between the NHS SMS and the Association of Chief Police Officers which should result in more prose-cutions and tougher sentences.
Investigators consider tougher inspections for some GE engines.