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We, the new, the nameless, the hard-to-understand,"--it says there,--"we firstlings of a yet untried future--we require for a new end also a new means, namely, a new healthiness, stronger, sharper, tougher, bolder and merrier than all healthiness hitherto.
Mind you, I don't say this will be the tougher job all round; we shall probably get in without any difficulty at all; it's the getting out again that may flummox us.
The sensation of unappeasable hunger, not unknown after the strain of a hazardous enterprise to adventurers of tougher fibre than Mr Verloc, overcame him again.
So he spoke to his familiars, who had tougher skins than the rest:
Global Banking News-November 10, 2014--Bangladesh Bank to make CSR guidelines tougher
I've been in tougher situations than this before and I've dug myself out of it.
The mother of a teenager killed by a drink-driver has called for tougher sentences for young road offenders.
that there should have been a tougher charge against Ashley Lindo.
Therefore, it is much tougher for a white guy to break through than if Kelly was a different race.
TONY BLAIR should be tougher on the French for continuing to ban British beef, despite a European Court of Justice ruling in December it was acting illegally, says a Tory Euro MP.
And yesterday, the Auto-mobile Association demanded tougher sentences for those who take to the road while over the limit.
has invented a chemical process for making tougher composite materials.
In addition to the new name, the program has dropped its long-standing requirement for members to post a financial bond and added tougher compliance standards based on data available in Return Path's Sender Score Reputation Monitor database.
Global Banking News-July 30, 2014--Deutsche Bank expects ECB to take tougher supervisory role
To stay in this division next year, it'll be tougher again.