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Sexuality is a tough cookie amongst the Muslim community and it's great that we've tackled it in this show.
FOR someone who reportedly got upset because his bosses didn't buy him a birthday cake, Yaya Toure sure is a tough cookie.
Brad is a tough cookie and actually tougher than people say.
But what made Haifa such a tough cookie in the first place?
The 'Dark Knight Rises' star clarified in a recent interview that he is misunderstood easily and said that his 23 year old 'American Hustle' co-star is in fact a tough cookie and if he had to say anything snarky about her, he would say it to her face, PVR Pictures reported.
Author Talk and Book Signing Dan Szczesny, author of "The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie,'' and his young hiking companion Janelle will present a slideshow and talk, 7 p.
The thing is," she says, "I look like a tough cookie, I sound like a tough cookie, and that's the problem, I'm sort of typecast.
A tough cookie who, although he might not be the biggest or brawniest, possesses the steely will and compact but tough frame that sees him emerge unscathed from many a scrape with the big boys.
It is a surprise to find a finishing-position selling option at 41 given that he is courseproven - Gallacher was fourth at Doha in 2002 and eighth two years later - and a tough cookie in bad weather.
She's a tough cookie, though, and this looks a good opportunity for her.
Scorpio, Bridge of Allan This is very good for you, as I see from your chart that you are quite a tough cookie and can sometimes hold yourself back from being happy.
Marriage" stars Hanna Schygulla as a tough cookie who marries a Wehrmacht officer during the waning days of World War II.
He's a tough cookie and will be desperate to play again as soon as possible.
I'll be a proper little scrapper, a tough cookie to beat," Taylor said.
Blues boss Steve Bruce said: "It's terrible for him but he is a tough cookie and, at pounds 50,000, has to be one of the best value-for-money signings I've ever made.