tough as old boots

(as) tough as old boots

Having great strength of body, mind, or will; not susceptible to sickness or injury. My grandmother is tough as old boots—she lived through the Great Depression and raised four kids pretty much all on her own! That guy's tough as old boots; 400 consecutive games, and not even a sprained ankle.
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tough as old boots


tough as nails

If someone is tough as old boots or tough as nails, they have a strong character and do not get upset easily. Barbara is tough as old boots and rules her husband with an iron hand. This man was a very friendly in a large group, but across a negotiating table was just tough as nails.
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tough as old boots

very sturdy or resilient.
Leather, of which boots are traditionally made, is notably strong and resistant to wear and tear. As tough as leather was in fact the earliest version of this phrase, although it has now been superseded by the current form.
1967 Listener This is no sweet old dolly…She is tough as old boots, working for a living.
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(as) tough as old ˈboots

1 (of food) be very tough and difficult to chew: This steak’s as tough as old boots.
2 very strong and able to bear pain, criticism, etc. without complaining or giving up: Don’t worry, she’ll soon recover. She’s tough as old boots.
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Associated with delicate cottage gardens, it's an introduction from the Mediterranean and is tough as old boots. It comes into bloom when the first flush of other garden flowers is over and leads you into and through to the mid-summer period.
Tony Crossley, Rochdale VVVEDETTE was so tough Voler La Vedette was as tough as old boots on the track and this wonderful mare served her connections well.
LADY Gaga is as tough as old boots - and she's careful about ones she puts on.
THE latest soldier killed in Afghanistan was praised yesterday by his commanding officer as "tough as old boots".
Constance, my nine-year-old youngest daughter - a tough as old boots Chelsea supporter - and her friend thought the whole occasion a great laugh, particularly watching Lily Allen and the Arctic Monkeys performing on the vast Pyramid stage.
However, her grandson has told the Telegraph that she was in "good spirits" and was "tough as old boots".
Tough as old boots once it's got going but as timid as a kitten when a seedling.
This shade-loving evergreen is as tough as old boots provided you don't place it in full sun.
She's as tough as old boots and could eat them all for breakfast - something they'll discover when she's their boss!
AS tough as old boots may be, they are no match for Kieren Fallon, who produced further evidence of his grit in the opener at York on Saturday.
A close friend said: "He's as tough as old boots. If anyone can get through this, he can."
FORMER Birmingham MP and deputy Labour party leader Roy Hattersley has proved not all politicians are tough as old boots.
He was steered home by Kieren Fallon that day but as he is currently prohibited from riding in England, tough as old boots Mick Kinane steps in for the plum ride.
He's as tough as old boots. Wednesday is an extra game for Grezza but there is no way we'd want him to miss out."
Tough as old boots and gave the impression the step up to this trip would suit when gaining deserved success at Southwell 15 days ago.