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Now, Tough Bill was not the man to put up with humiliation at the hands of a common sailor.
In a little while Tough Bill, accompanied by two huge negroes, came in, and it was easy to see that he was already three parts drunk.
I guess you'd better get out of Marseilles before Tough Bill comes out of hospital," he said to Strickland, when they had got back to the Chink's Head and were cleaning themselves.
All of the services in the Tough solutions framework are interoperable with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
In 2015, Tough Mudder events around the globe will feature a 10+ mile course full of world-class obstacles designed to test both physical and mental strength.
It was the second death to hit the Tough Guy event, following on from a similar tragedy seven years ago.
In the nearly five decades since the first tough love residential treatment community, Synanon, introduced the idea of attack therapy as a cure for drug abuse, hundreds of thousands of young people have undergone such "therapy" These programs have both driven and been driven by the war on drugs.
Boeing spokesman Dan Beck said the company was disappointed with the board's decision and now wants it to consider whether the water permit is too tough before the fall.
We must persuade the public that we can take tough decisions for our country as well.
He has transformed them from alsorans into genuine contenders for honours and Cwmbran manager Tony Willcox said: "It's a tough match, particularly following our defeat at Haverfordwest in midweek.
If Black America's divided generations are going to understand each other better, a good place to start is with the recent publications Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature, edited by Kevin Powell, and Tough Notes: Messages to Young Black Men, by Haki Madhubuti.
Exports will get a boost from Brazilian currency devaluation and provide a natural hedge to what promises to be a tough year at home.
The Boston University chemist is referring to the process by which some bacteria encase themselves in tough protein coatings and go into states of near-suspended animation to weather periods of harsh environmental conditions.
3M and Scotch[R] Tough Duct Tape are announcing the launch of 'How Tough is Your Tape?
Introduces Tough Mother Video and Partners with Tough Mudder to Celebrate Mothers Across the Country