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"One day we ran into Tough Bill in the Place, and he asked Charlie for the papers he'd given him."
"He was a powerful fellow, Tough Bill, but he didn't quite like the look of Charlie, so he began cursing him.
Now, Tough Bill was not the man to put up with humiliation at the hands of a common sailor.
In a little while Tough Bill, accompanied by two huge negroes, came in, and it was easy to see that he was already three parts drunk.
"I guess you'd better get out of Marseilles before Tough Bill comes out of hospital," he said to Strickland, when they had got back to the Chink's Head and were cleaning themselves.
Across the Tanner's shoulders was slung his stout quarterstaff, ever near enough to him to be gripped quickly, and on his head was a cap of doubled cowhide, so tough that it could hardly be cloven even by a broadsword.
Breaking off some tough vines, he tied his puppy's legs together, and then, with another piece of vine passed around his neck, slung the puppy on his back.
A cut upon the back of his head showed where he had struck the tough stem of the shrub and explained his unconsciousness.
Mr Pancks took hold of his tough hair again, and gave it such a wrench that he pulled out several prongs of it.
Based on the industry actions taken a decade ago when we faced what I consider to be our economic "perfect storm," NOW is the time to be making some of those tough decisions.
This week we saw yet again how tough on crime they have been.
The Tough Guy: Year of The Bended Arm For A Pillow challenge attracted 5,000 competitors from around the world to Perton, Staffordshire, but only 3,000 managed to finish the challenging course.
According to Art Bowers, general manager of GSI Technologies' Industrial Graphics Division, Burr Ridge, IL, USA, tough duty labels can be found on electrical, industrial, commercial, mechanical, and automotive products or components.
Readers who flipped past the cover photo of Hayworth hanging tough in front of the border fence got to read the congressman's thoughts on dispatching troops to the country's southern flank and quashing Mexico's secret desire to reconquer the Southwest.