touched by

touched by (something)

Struck with or affected by sober or tender emotions, especially gratitude or sympathy, as a result of some gesture, act, or thing. I felt touched by all the students' farewell cards on my last day of teaching. We were all very touched by what you said at the funeral, Mike.
See also: by, touched

touched by someone or something

Fig. emotionally affected or moved by someone or something. Sally was very nice to me. I was very touched by her. I was really touched by your kind letter.
See also: by, touched
References in classic literature ?
There was nothing wild, nothing immodest in her manner: it was quiet and self- controlled, a little melancholy and a little touched by suspicion; not exactly the manner of a lady, and, at the same time, not the manner of a woman in the humblest rank of life.
In those days people still believed that this dreadful disease would be cured if the person suffering from it was touched by a royal hand.
9 : to move emotionally <I was touched by your kindness.
A new study suggests that sexually abused children may best remember whether their genital area had been touched by an adult if asked directly about such experiences with the help of an anatomically detailed doll.