touch with

touch with (something)

1. To bring something into light contact with someone or something. A noun or pronoun is used between "touch" and "with." He touched the electric fence with his bare hand and got an awful shock from it. A: "Here, let me wipe that muck off your face." B: "Blech! Please don't touch me with that disgusting handkerchief!"
2. To affect someone at a deep, emotional level with some action, performance, words, etc. A noun or pronoun is used between "touch" and "with." You really touched me with your kind words at the ceremony today. She was touched with the way the community rallied around her during the crisis.
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touch someone or something with something

to bring something into contact with someone or something. Don't touch me with that filthy stick! I touched the snake with a stick to make sure it was dead. Wherever he touched himself with the leaf, his skin blistered.
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The many hours he was not with Ruth he devoted to the "Love-cycle," to reading at home, or to the public reading-rooms, where he got more closely in touch with the magazines of the day and the nature of their policy and content.
Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for example, is quite certain a new iPod Touch with an upgraded processor will be ( introduced this 2019.
Given this notoriety, it is not surprising that professionals broach the topic of touch with trepidation.
Explore as a professional how touch has affected your own life and how this may affect your willingness to discuss or recommend therapeutic touch with your clients.
Also, Kindle Touch 3G offers the same new design and features of Kindle Touch with the added convenience of free 3G.
"Whether you're listening to music, playing games, making FaceTime video calls, browsing the web, capturing HD video or watching TV shows and movies, the new iPod touch with its Retina display, A4 chip and 3-axis gyro is more fun than ever."
Apple's new holiday lineup includes a brand new iPod shuffleA ; the amazing new iPod nanoA with Multi-Touchao; the incredible new iPod touch with Retina display, Apple's A4 chip, FaceTime, HD video recording and Game Center; and the iPod classicA in a 160GB model.
Keeping in touch with friends has never been easier as the LG KP500 has the latest UI that allows the user to attach a friend's photo for the speed dial feature and then page through the portraits and touch the friend to be called.
If you want "Touch" to mean "touch with your nose," then you might use "Foot" to mean "touch with a paw.
As the voice of the people, my team and I serve Knight's and the co-presidents' need for touch, to be in touch with what's going on, and to touch the employees.
In our spiritual lives the same dynamic is at work: the need to keep in touch with God.
I write simply to suggest that we need some devotional practices to keep us in touch with our God in between the celebrations of our sacramental life.
Clinicians are reporting excellent results in using the therapeutic touch with the elderly to promote sleep, to enhance feelings of well being with the depressed elderly, to decrease blood pressure, to decrease edema, and to facilitate healing.