touch to

touch something to something

to bring something into contact with something. She touched her hand to her ear to indicate to the speaker to talk louder. The magician touched his wand to the hat and a rabbit jumped out.
See also: touch
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Any organization, including companies that are not currently members of MIPI Alliance, can access MIPI Touch to evaluate its use in touch integration plans.
Humans use their touch to protect themselves, to create emotional bonds with other people, and to experience pleasure.
MIPI Alliance is developing MIPI Touch to optimize the integration and performance of touch technologies in mobile phones, tablets, automotive dashboards and infotainment displays, and other devices and applications.
Washington, April 10 ( ANI ): Plants can use the sense of touch to fight off fungal infections and insects, a new study by Rice University scientists has revealed.
"Plants can't move, so it makes sense for them to have a highly developed sense of touch to react quickly to changes in their environment," said study co-author Janet Braam, professor and chair of Rice's Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology.
The famed Venus flytrap uses its sense of touch to rapidly close and trap insects.
How important is touch to men and women who have had an injury?
They have to see an object, taste it, and fully experience it through touch to learn what the object really is.
Barbers and beauticians groom people; physicians use touch to examine patients; politicians shake hands and hold babies; cashiers touch customers' hands when returning change; and athletes bump bodies and give high-fives to celebrate scores.
Streamlining - sprinting with hand touch to finish.
Still, the "hand of God" could right crookedness a nd restore the elect to dignity thus elevating touch to a heightened, and profoundly healing, sense.
We need touch to live, to grow, to calm and protect ourselves, and to make peace with one another.
He didn't touch to manipulate, to push, punish, or belittle.
I have been amazed at the results of the use of therapeutic touch to promote healing of decubitus ulcers, fractured hips and lacerations.