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tote up

To tally or add up some numbers, especially in relation to the cost of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tote" and "up." Tote up the various expenses you have during your trip and submit a request for reimbursement from payroll. I nearly fainted when the waiter toted up the bill and told us we owed over $300 for the meal. Let's just tote it all up and divide the cost equally between everyone here.
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tote something up

to add something up. The clerk toted the bill up and asked for an enormous sum. Tote up your expense report quickly and submit it to accounts payable.
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1. n. someone who abstains from alcohol. (From total abstainer.) I’m not a tote, but I do have a limit—rather low by your standards. Have a drink, or are you still a tote?
2. n. a small portion of cannabis. (Drugs.) The cops found a tote when they tossed Bart, but that was all.
3. n. a small pipe for smoking cannabis. (Drugs.) Her father found a tote in her room and really hit the ceiling.
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TOTE is a leading transportation and logistics company, overseeing some of the most trusted companies in the US.
Not only has HRI used the Dermot advert to rubbish the services provided by the course bookmakers, it has also used the slogan 'bash the bookies' to promote Tote Ireland.
Caption: Hard to believe: Niagara Falls is the only city in America where the recycle bins (left) are larger than the refuse bins (right) and where people, (whom, by the way, pay about the highest taxes in America) have to wait months, if they qualify, to get one larger tote. In almost every other city, including every city in Western NY, you can get a second bin for a modest fee.
Some totes even have secure zipper closures making them the perfect way to transport liquids on airplanes in your suitcase.
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Retailers and vendors believe that totes' versatility combined with strong new home growth ensures their retail survival.
Tote: [euro]6.10, [euro]2.00, [euro]3.10, [euro]3.10.
Dyster's proposal to buy some 45,000 refuse and recycling totes from Cascade Cart Solutions of Grand Rapids, Mich., for $2,124,449, the low bidder for the contract.
Having twice inquired, a month apart, why there are no Tote dividends - "Can you please explain why Betfred, owner of the Tote, refuse to display any Tote dividends on the results screens?" - I received the same highly comical reply: "Now that's a very good question, sir, but I simply don't know the answer.
Tote: win PS6.20 places PS2.70 PS2.30 PS1.50 Tote Exacta: PS44.40 CSF: PS30.78 2.05 1 MOSCOW CHANCER (IRE) (P J Brennan) 7-1 2 Muldoon's Picnic (IRE) (2-1 Fav) 3 Porters War (11-4) 11 ran ns, 11/2.
TOTE began its journey as a privately-owned corporation and nearly 40 years lacer, continues to conduct business in the same manner.
"When all of the merchandise was packed in a single-size tote, there were a number of stocking family groups in each container and store employees might go to several aisles throughout the store before getting a single container unpacked," recalled Schneider.
R Hannon Tote: pounds 26.10 Pl: pounds 5.00 pounds 4.30 pounds 2.60 pounds 2.70 Tote Exacta: pounds 443.70.
Lockheed's automated tote storage system holds up to 14,700 totes in 24 horizontal carousels (White Systems) arranged on two levels.