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a totally different ballgame

A situation that is completely different from what one is used to or expecting. Living away from home is a totally different ballgame for most young adults. I used to babysit, but having a child of my own is a totally different ballgame.

(I've) seen worse.

a noncommittal and not totally negative judgment about something or someone. Alice: How did you like the movie? John: I've seen worse. Bill: What do you think about this weather? Gladys: Seen worse.
See also: seen, worse

totally awesome

Sl. very, very impressive. His motorcycle is totally awesome. It must have cost a fortune.
See also: awesome, totally


mod. absolutely; completely. (Standard. Achieves slang status through overuse.) How totally gross!

totally awesome

mod. very, very impressive. His motorcycle is totally awesome. It must have cost a fortune.
See also: awesome, totally

totally clueless

mod. ignorant (of something). (see also cluelessness.) Everybody was totally clueless as to what to do.
See also: clueless, totally
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At only [pounds sterling]3 each these e-liquids are a full 40% cheaper than Totally Wicked's Red Label RRP.
6 million for the 3,655 families with totally damaged houses.
Paul Grinsell, of Totally DIY and Totally Tools, said one of the new ideas was the Totally Business Match Programme which will be run along the lines of speed dating for one hour from 2.
We are thrilled to be introducing the Totally Shaping fit platform," said Jenifer DeSofi, Brand Vice President.
Prestatyn is the latest of many towns across the UK to take up the Totally Locally campaign - a free initiative that supports traders to show the value of local shopping and its benefits for the economy.
Totally Locally Slaithwaite (TLS) has its official launch at Colne Valley Local Food Festival, at Carr Lane, on Sunday.
Entrants had to like the Totally Nourish Facebook page and submit a picture of their cat or dog to Totally Nourish's Facebook wall.
Under the terms of the joint venture agreement, Totally Communications will
SO YOU TOTALLY HAVE a successful day at the ditch with your new iPod.
In 1995, after remaining vacant for over 5 years, the Rudins renovated the building into the city's first totally wired work environment, bringing affordable broadband connectivity to the building and creating a home for the emerging new media and technology industries in New York City.
Meaning: The annual reports prepared by one of my co-workers are totally misleading.
Southern California-based Totally Bamboo offers a range of bamboo kitchenware products ($4 to $195) with a high green profile.
Own-occupation disability policies generally provide that insureds are totally disabled--and entitled to benefits--if they are unable to perform the substantial and material duties of their occupations due to injury or illness.
I really enjoyed 'Lolita,' and it was an amazing experience, but it also totally impassioned me to acting, and it would have been convenient if people could have seen my movie when I was the age that I was playing in the movie.