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quot homines tot sententiae

proverb From Latin, literally "how many men, so many opinions." It is used to mean that there are as many varied and differing opinions in the world as there are people to hold them. A: "I don't understand how some people can believe such ridiculous things!" B: "Eh, it doesn't surprise me. Quot homines tot sententiae."
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tot up

To tally or add up some numbers, especially in relation to the cost of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tot" and "up." Tot up the various expenses you have during your trip and submit a request for reimbursement from payroll. I nearly fainted when the waiter totted up the bill and told us we owed over $300 for the meal. Let's just tot it all up and divide the cost equally between everyone here.
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tot up

To calculate something, especially by addition: If you tot up all the costs, you'll realize this project is too expensive.
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