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Tossed is located as a focal point within the University of Miami's historic Whitten Student Center and as such serves to promote a healthier food choice," said Chris Collins, a principal at Nvironment, a Design and Architectural firm located in Columbus, Ohio.
Working with both Tossed Franchise Corporation and Bolla Corporation, Shapiro and Block are looking for locations with dense office populations and spaces with high visibility and exposure.
At the end of the day, I was drawn to Tossed because the food is so unusually good and I believe Tossed will compete well in the Washington, DC area.
Whatever you decide, avoid overcooking so the potatoes won't disintegrate when cut up and tossed with the dressing, cautions Weir.
You can also add small chunks of extra firm tofu that have been tossed with a little soy sauce or hot sauce.
So December is the month to give you this warning that your fruitcake shouldn't be tossed in December, before it can be tossed properly--slung, hurled, winged or bullet-passed--next month at the 11th annual Manitou Springs "Great Fruitcake Toss.
To see whether the predicted bias shows up in actual coin tosses, the team made movies of tossed coins and then calculated the axes of spin.
But not just any old toss, like the ones you see at demos where one pack of stickers is tossed and you get to watch 20 kids and BMPs clobber each other for 10 minutes.
Stewart tossed before the toss in the opening game against Sri Lanka but not for the games with Kenya or South Africa.
Each group member quickly becomes involved as names are called and the sock is tossed to those individuals.
Many adore them in all their myriad forms -- tossed with an array of assorted colored greens, multicolored vegetables or fruits, fish, meats or cheeses, and dressed with anything from vinaigrette and ranch to blue cheese and sun-dried tomato.
Boiled potatoes--the waxy kind, often sold as boiling, white rose, or red rose potatoes--can be tossed with chopped fresh or dried herbs and served hot.
Someone asked if I was carrying the usual skate paraphernalia that's tossed out at these events.
An order of sequence is then established in which a ball is going to travel, as it is tossed from player to player, within the circle.
Penne Rosa with Sweet Italian Sausage -- Classic penne pasta tossed in Tyler's own traditional spicy Italian tomato cream sauce, and mixed with ripe tomatoes and green peas.