toss into

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toss something into something

 and toss something
to cast or throw something into something. Frank tossed the wood into the fire. He tossed in the wood.
See also: toss
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I quickly realized that if I wanted to toss something in the back, I couldn't get the back door to open unless I first used a key to lower its window.
Finally, it's never a bad idea to toss something crunchy, like nuts, croutons, radishes or popcorn on top.
When he finally slowed to a stop, it was only long enough for him to reach into a pocket and toss something onto the ground.
In naval slang, the phrase means to toss something overboard.
She stepped to the window just in time to see the driver toss something out onto her lawn and drive slowly away.
It's natural (on sitcoms or in real life) to toss something to the wayside .
Before I leave in the morning, I toss something into the Crock-Pot and it's ready when I get home.
That way, even without any prior thought, you can walk into the house, open the pantry, fridge or freezer and toss something together on a moment's notice.