toss for

toss for (something)

To flip a coin with someone in order to decide or determine who gets to have or do something. A name or personal pronoun can be used between "toss" and "for." We both wanted to go with him to the concert, so we decided to toss for it. A: "No, it's your turn to do the dishes." B: "Aw, come on, I'll toss you for it!" There's only one chocolate bar left, so let's toss for it.
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toss (someone) for something

Fig. to decide with someone, by tossing a coin, who will get or do something. Let's see who gets to go first. I'll toss you for it. I'll toss for it. Let's toss for it.
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toss for

To compete for something by flipping a coin to determine the winner: There's one window seat, so let's toss for it. The candidates tossed for the chance to speak first at the debate.
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In the last 11 ODI's, Finch has only been able to win the two toss for Australia.
KARACHI -- Pakistani 15-year-old boy Ahmed Raza will conduct the toss for the match between Brazil and Costa Rica in ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.
SIALKOT: A 15-year-old Pakistani boy will conduct the toss for the match between Brazil and Costa Rica in ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.
Now the toss may be abandoned in next Ashes series NEXT year's Ashes may be the high-profile guinea-pig series if a proposal is agreed to ditch the coin toss for all matches in the International Cricket Council's new Test championship.
This decision was made even though the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce cancelled their Great Fruitcake Toss for this year.
As something of a ringer who makes a living as a farmer, he did not enter the competition, and made the toss for fun.
And, although the chamber often leaves bits of refuse cake on the grounds of the toss for "the critters," neighbors were not too excited about coming home from out of town to find chunks of cake scattered across their porches, Lewis said.
Baffled Vaughan lost the toss for the 16th time in 22 Tests as captain in Cape Town, making him the least successful England skipper in Test history at the pre-match ritual.
See the magic for yourself by first blow drying, and then work in Toss for instant texture.
Alec Stewart won the toss for the fourth time on the trot in the World Cup and with it the match, reckons Zimbabwe captain Alistair Campbell.
I make this plea because I have always thrown flowers to Mirella Freni (I tossed two bouquets to her for her Madame Sans-Gene in Zurich last week, I will be tossing a bouquet for her Boheme in Chicago, and I expect to toss for her Tatyana in Turin in February), and I intend to continue tossing bouquets to Mirella until the end of her career.
"We have not made any special coin for the toss, but we believe it will be the first time a Euro coin will be used at the toss for a Test match", Craig Easdown, the Media and Communications Manager Cricket Ireland, speaking exclusively, said.